Teixeira Signs with Yankees…

According to John Heyman of SI.com and MLBTradeRumors.com free agent 1st baseman Mark Teixeira has signed with the New York Yankees


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One Response to “Teixeira Signs with Yankees…”

  1. eric s. Says:

    I have thought about this signing a lot . . . at first I was pissed but really only b/c we lost to the Yankees. As Red Sox fans, we expect a few big signings every offseason. Its almost as if we just wat to be in the rumor mill and get a big deal done for the sake of getting a deal done and having out name out there. This one is interesting though, do we really need Teixeira? Don’t get me wrong – he is great but isn’t Lowell good enough? He is a gold glover who can hit 285/20/90 in our lineup and we would not have to start shifting the infield around or trading players to fit Teixeira. Also, we are not paying him 23 million a year over the next 8 years. I think we leave our position players the same and really focus on a catcher and one more middle of the rotation pitcher (maybe Lowe but for less than asking hopefully) And where is Peavy in all this? In any case, look at our lineup: Ellesbury, Pedroia, Youk, Ortiz, Bay, Drew, Lowell – thats an amazing 1-7. Then we have a guy like Lowrie who is ready to play full time and make progress.

    Getting back to one of your other posts – I agree with you, Teixeira would not bring the kind of excitement that Manny once did . . . What if we got a guy like Adam Dunn and he could assume the role of protecting Ortiz? And what ae your thoughts re: Varitek . . . I say give him 2 years with an option for a third while he trains the next red sox catcher of the future – he’s not done.

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