The Unexciting Teixeira

I was sitting on my couch late Thursday night watching ESPN News when I saw the ever so exciting Breaking News flash at the bottom of the screen. It read “Red Sox flying to Texas to meet with Teixeira.” In baseball, when the upper management of a team flies out to meet a player and his agent, there is a very good chance that team will sign that player.

As I Red Sox fan, here the Red Sox were, about to sign a switch-hitting, gold glove 1st baseman and I wasn’t the least bit excited.   Shouldn’t I be excited for a guy with a 162 game avg. of .290/36/121/.390? Shouldn’t I be excited for a potential 3-4-5 of Ortiz, Teixeira and Bay? Shouldn’t I be excited to sign a guy who by all accounts seems like a good clubhouse fit and has never been an off the field distraction? I wasn’t excited at all.

In the winter of 2000 when it was rumored the Red Sox were going after Manny Ramirez, I was glued to my TV. I read every article and updated as much as possible because I was giddy with the thought of one of the premier sluggers in Manny Ramirez crushing balls over the Monster. I don’t have that same feeling with Teixeira.

Teixeira’s agent, Scott Boras is positioning him to teams as a great power hitting 1st baseman who will the cornerstone of their team for the next 10 years. Is Teixeira a great player? Hardly.  Before being dealt to the Angels at the trading deadline last year, Teixeira never played on a team that finished higher than 3rd, he has never finished higher than 7th in the MVP voting and only once has finished in the top 10 in adjusted OPS. According to Baseball Reference  similar batters through age 28 are Kent Hrbek, Richie Sexson and Paul Konerko. Not exactly murders row and not exactly players you would build your team around.

In the last couple of days Red Sox principal owner John Henry has declared the Red Sox out of the Teixeira sweepstakes and Angels owner Arte Moreno has done the same. Whether or not they are really out of running for Teixeira or they are calling Boras’ bluff, one thing is for sure….what ever teams signs Teixeira they will be getting a complimentary player, not a great one.

And that is not something to get excited about


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2 Responses to “The Unexciting Teixeira”

  1. Buhner Says:

    We needed TEX!

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