Assessing The Burrell Signing…

As reported earlier today by the Tampa Bay Rays signed former Phillies LF, Pat Burrell to a 2-year $16MM deal. This is a great move by the defending American League champs. Burrell will be the Rays primary DH (He clearly can no longer play left) in 2009 and will add depth to an already potent offense.

The Burrell signing helps the Rays in 2 areas. First, the Rays struggled against LH pitching in 2008 (.246 avg, .330 obp, .726 ops) and Burrell killed LH pitching in 2008 (.279 avg, .406 obp, .952 ops). Burrell is a HUGE upgrade over the Rays 2 primary choices at DH against lefties, Jonny Gomes and Willie Aybar. Second, Burrell gives the Rays an upgrade at the DH position overall. Burrell last year put up a solid .250/33/86/.367 while the Rays 2 primary DH’s throughout the course of the season, Cliff Floyd and Jonny Gomes combined to put up a less than spectacular .225/19/56/.316.

Here is what the Rays lineup might look like 2009:

1. Iwamura

2. Upton

3. Crawford

4. Longoria

5. Pena

6. Burrell

7. Joyce

8. Navarro

9. Bartlett

As Rob Neyer points out the Rays took advantage of a buyer’s market and signed a solid player in Burrell. Does this signing guarantee the Rays will win the American League East again? It remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure….the Rays are serious about winning and won’t be going away any time soon


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