Looking At 2010 To Predict 2009

When looking at players for your fantasy team in 2009 it’s very important to consider who will be a free agent in the winter of 2010. Reason being is that every year there are good players who have career years because they are playing for a free agent contract.

Let’s call this the “Adrian Beltre Year.”

From 1999-2003 Adrian Beltre averaged .265/18/73 but in his free agent year of 2004 Adrian Beltre had one of the all-time great seasons for a 3b by putting up a rediculous .334/48/121. That season earned Beltre a 5 yr/$64MM contract from the Seattle Mariners.

Based on MLB Trade Rumors list of 2010 free agents, let’s take a look 1 pitcher and 1 hitter who might be in line for that “Adrian Beltre year” in 2009.


Hank Blalock – DH, Texas Rangers

Age – 29

162 Game Avg – .274/26/97

Bill James 2009 Projection – .282/22/77

Analysis – It was only a couple of years ago Blalock was considered one of the best hitting 3b in the game. Lately, Blalock has become an afterthought as injuries have limited Blalock to only 123 games in the last 2 years. There are a couple of things I like about Blalock for 2009:

1. For the first time in 2 years, Blalock is 100% healthy and he will be the Rangers full time DH this year which should limit his chances of injury.

2. As usual, the Rangers should have no problem scoring runs this year. Blalock will be hitting in the middle of a lineup that features Michael Young, Ian Kinsler, Josh Hamilton, Chris Davis, Nelson Cruz and David Murphy.

That is one scary lineup.

Blalock had his best year in 2004 where he put up .276/32/107. I look for Blalock to do a little better than that and put up a .285/35/110 in 2009

Other Hitters Considered – Bobby Crosby, Chone Figgins, Jason Bay, Rick Ankiel


Brett Myers – Starting Pitcher, Philadelphia Phillies

Age – 29

162 Game Average – 11-10/4.37/161

Bill James 2009 Projection – 12-12/4.26/182

Analysis – After being summoned to the bullpen in 2007, Myers had a descent 2008 by going 10-13 with a 4.55 in 190 innings. Like Blalock, there are a couple of things I like about Myers this year.

1. It seems like Myers has been in the majors forever but he is still only 29 years old. The ages of 28 and 29 is usually when a pitcher comes into his own.

2. This will be the first time Myers will be pitching for a free agent contract.

3. Myers will be pitching once again on a good team with a solid bullpen which won’t blow leads for him late in the game.

I look for a 17-10/3.75/190 season from Myers in 2009

Others Considered – Erik Bedard, Rich Harden, Kevin Millwood


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