The Young And The Restless….

Let me start first by saying that I am a huge fan of Texas Rangers SS, Michael Young. He is one of the most consistent players in all of baseball. You can pretty much pencil him in for a .300/10/90 season every year with 200+ hits and over 150 games played. He is the type of player that every fan should appreciate but unfortunately for Young he falls into the Paul Molitor category of “If he played in NY he would be a household name.”

So when reported this morning that Michael Young has requested to be traded because he does not want to move to 3rd base (I don’t blame him), I thought “wow, one of the premier hitters in baseball is now available.” But what kind of market is there for Young? Remember Young is 32 years old and has 5 years and $62MM remaining on his contract. So let’s take a look at the potential suitors for Young.

First, we need to establish what teams need a SS or perhaps a 2b as Young said he would be willing to move back to 2b for the right team. The Twins, Red Sox, Giants, Cardinals, Reds, Blue Jays, White Sox, Rays, Royals, Angels and A’s all fit this category.

Second, based on the above teams we need to consider the financial ramifications of Young’s contract. That being said we can cross the Rays, Royals, Blue Jays and A’s off this list.

Third, I doubt the Rangers will look to explore a trade within their own division so we can cross the Angels and A’s off the list.

That leaves us with the Twins, Red Sox, Giants, Cardinals, Reds and White Sox. Looking at the player from each of the remaining teams that Young would be replacing and using Bill James’ projections for 2009 along with his formula for Runs Created, let’s see where Young would make the biggest impact in 2009:

Player                                                                           Runs Created

M.Young SS, Rangers                                                   83.5

J.Lowrie SS, Red Sox                                                     76.1

J. Keppinger SS, Reds                                                    54.7

A. Kennedy 2b, Cardinals                                          35.6

N. Punto SS, Twins                                                         35.2

W. Betemit, SS White Sox                                           34.4

E. Velez, 2b Giants                                                          26.5

Based on these numbers Young would have the greatest impact on the White Sox and Giants lineup. Out of the White Sox and Giants, I like Young for the Giants as they are 1 or 2 hitters away from being the favorites in the weak NL West. A lineup of ….

1. F. Lewis

2. R. Winn

3. M. Young

4. B. Molina

5. A. Rowand

6. E. Renteria

7. T. Ishikawa

8. P. Sandoval

….Is less than spectacular but with their pitching staff it could get the job done

If Young does get traded, let’s hope it’s to a contender so he finally can get the recognition he deserves.


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