Baseball’s Best Home Field Advantage….

I woke up this morning and turned on the MLB Network to watch their “Hot Stove” program. During the show Harold Reynolds said the Twins had the best home-field advantage not only in baseball but in all of sports. That is a pretty bold statement. Now I am not sure if I agree with the Twins having the best home-field advantage in ALL of sports, as you can make the case for Duke’s Cameron Indoor,  Green Bay’s Lambeau Field or Seattle’s Quest Field. However, this got me thinking…who has the best home-field advantage in all of baseball?

There are a lot of teams in baseball that have no home-field advantage such as the Marlins, Rangers and Padres but there are 10 teams that when a team steps on their field there is a definite advantage. Let’s see who they are

10 – 6: Orioles, Indians, Phillies, Brewers, Cardinals

5. Coors Field, Rockies – Since Coors Field opened in 1995, the Rockies have been one of the best home teams in baseball as their lifetime record of 628 – 518  at Coors Field indicates. But what gives the Rockies a tremendous home-field advantage is what gives all teams from Colorado (Broncos, Nuggets, Avalanche) an advantage….The altitude. Coors Field is 1 mile above sea level and when teams come in for a short 3 game series, it’s hard to adjust to the altitude change.

4. Angels Stadium of Anaheim, Angels – Angels Stadium(previously called Edison International Field) really came alive during the Angel’s 2002 World Series run. That year fans and the Yankess, Twins and Giants were introduced to the Rally Monkey, 43,250 fans wearing red and thundersticks. Those factor make Angels Stadium a nightmare for teams to play.

3. Yankee Stadium, Yankees – The tradition, the ghosts and raucous new yorkers give the Yankees the ultimate home-field advantage in October.  I don’t think there is a pitcher on the planet who would find it easy to get the final 3 outs against the Yankees in October. Just ask Byung-Hyun Kim. I would have the Yankees higher if A. 2004 didn’t happen and B. they weren’t moving into a new stadium. It will be interesting to see if the ghosts moved over to the new stadium or if they were left behind.

2.Fenway Park, Boston Red Sox – 456 (and counting) consecutive sellouts, the crowd right on top of the players, and the presence of the Green Monster make Fenway Park an opposing place for visiting teams. Having a sold out crowd every game gives the Red Sox an advantage during those dog days of July and August. Red Sox captain Jason Varitek echoes those sentiments….

           “Just, every day, they’ve brought excitement,” Varitek said. “You have a lot of days throughout a season — you’re dragging, down, you’re tired, you’re sore, you’re hurt — and that energy sometimes brings you through those tough moments.”

While the Rockies, Angles, Yankees and Red Sox have good home-field advantages, they don’t have the best one. That honor goes to….

1. The Metrodome, Twins – One of my earliest memories of baseball was Kent Hrbek’s grand slam against the Cardinals in game 6 of the 1987 World Series. That game was played in the Metrodome and I remember thinking to myself as I watched that game, “wow, these fans are loud.” The Twins won that game and have won all 8 World Series games played in the Metrodome. The Homer Hankies, the fast turf, the white dome and of course perhaps the loudest fans in baseball make the Metrodome the ultimate home-field advantage for the Twins. Unfortunately, the Twins will be moving into a new stadium in 2010, Target Field which will be an outdoor stadium. Once the Metrodome closes its doors for baseball, the best home-field advantage will be closed with it.

It’s not often I agree with what Harold Reynolds opinion but in this case I believe he correct in saying the Twins have the best home-field advantage in baseball.


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