Brandon Lyon As A Closer?….

It was reported by the Detroit Free Press that the Detroit Tigers have signed free agent pitcher Brandon Lyon to a 1 year, $4.25MM contract and will compete for the team’s closer role. While agree signing Lyon might help the Tigers improve their 27th ranked bullpen (they need all the help they can get), I don’t believe Lyon should be competing for a closers role on any team.

Bottom line: Brandon Lyon can’t close. There are certain pitchers who are made for the 8th inning and there are certain pitchers made for the 9th inning. Lyon falls into the category of 8th inning pitchers.  The proof is in the pudding. All you need to do is look at Lyon in 05 and 08 when he was a closer….

                       IP       H       K       SV       ERA       BAA

05                  29.1    44      17     14       6.44       .341

08                  59.1    75      44     26       4.70       .301   

…..And when he was a set-up man in 06 and 07

                      IP        H       K      HLD      ERA      BAA

06                  69.1    68      46     23        3.89      .258

07                  74        70      40    35        2.68      .251  

Eric Karabell  set the bar at over 30 saves for Lyon. I will take the under on that bet. Even if Lyon does win the closer job, the chances of him keeping it for the entire year are slim. If Lyon couldn’t close out games in the NL, what makes anyone think he can close in the AL.


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