Weighing In On The Garland Signing….

One of my favorite writers, Rob Neyer likes the Diamondbacks signing of Jon Garland.

One of my favorite sites, Fangraphs.com hates the signing.

So where do I weigh in with the Diamondbacks signing of RHP Jon Garland to a 1 year deal with a mutual option for 2010? I agree with Rob Neyer and like this signing.

Now I know all about the negatives with signing Garland. K/9 in decline, high era of 4.90 in 08, is he better than Randy Johnson at this point? and a ground ball pitcher with potentially a bad infield defense behind him.

While I am much of a fan of stats as the next baseball fan, sometimes you have to throw them out the window. Despite not looking pretty the majority of the time, all Garland does is win. He is 106-89 lifetime and was clutch in the White Sox World Series run of 2005.

Garland will be Arizona’s #3 starter (behind Webb and Haren) headed into the season. I will take 12-14 wins, 200+ innings and a guy who just knows how to win from my 3rd starter any day of the week


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