Hill To The Orioles, Perez To The Mets….

There were a couple of moves today in baseball that are worth noting:

1. The Orioles took my advice and traded for Rich Hill. All the Orioles had to give up to acquire the 28 year old was the infamous “player to be named later.” As I mentioned in my previous post about Hill, this change of scenery will do him good. Maybe now he can refocus and return to his 2007 form.

This is a typical Cubs move and one of the negatives of having a short fused Lou Pinella as your manager. Instead of working with a promising lefty, the Cubs and Pinella don’t want anything to do with him, send him down to the minors and destroy his confidence. Now all the Cubs get for their 2007 NLDS Game 3 starter is a player to be named later.

Get rid of a 28 year old LH pitcher but sign 31 year old brittle DH Milton Bradley to a 3 year $30MM contract to play RF.

Now I know why the Cubs haven’t won a World Series in 100 years.

2. As I predicted in my “Where Will They Land” post, the New York Mets re-signed LH pitcher Oliver Perez to a 3 year $36MM contract. That’s $12MM a year for a pitcher with a lifetime record of 55-60. I really should have been a mediocre starting pitcher in the major leagues.

Many Mets fans would rather take a chance on 1 year of Ben Sheets than going through the pain of watching Oliver Perez for 3 years walk 5 and K 6 in 5 innings every game. But the Mets were almost forced to re-sign Perez. Let’s say they did sign Sheets for 1 year and he somehow stays healthy. He would 100% test the free agent market so he can finally get his payday. Now with an opening in their rotation the Mets would be forced in the winter of 2010 to either go into the free agent market or trade for a pitcher. Couple of problems with that:

A. Take a look at the 2010 free agent class. Outside of John Lackey, it’s not very impressive. Perez might actually be a better option than 99% of that class.

B. The Mets farm system is very thin. It would be very difficult for them to pull off a trade for a quality pitcher with a farm system as thin as theirs.

Based off that scenario, the Mets, really had no choice to re-sign Perez. Just remind me not to attend a game when he pitches. I am not sure if I have 5 hours to kill

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