A Flurry Of Minor League Contracts…

Over the past week we have seen a flurry of minor league contracts signed by players. I thought I would touch upon some of those deals.

Jason Jennings – Rangers. Jennings signed a minor league deal with the Rangers after going 0-5 with a 8.56 era for them in 2008. Ever since Jennings won the ROY in 2002 after going 16-8, things have been all down hill for Jennings. Since 2002, Jennings has a record of 40-61.

Odalis Perez – Nationals. After being the Nationals opening day starter and having a decent season in 2008, all Perez can muster is a minor league deal from the Nationals. Perez was 7-12 with a 4.34 era in 2008. He hasn’t won double digit games since 2003 when he was 12-12 with the Dodgers. I would be very surprised if Perez didn’t make the Nationals out of spring training.

Elmer Dessens – Mets. Dessens posted a 22.50 era in 4 games with the Braves last year. Perhaps Dessens can secure a long relief/mop man role with the Mets but he will have to prove he has something left to make the Mets roster this season

Jacque Jones & Daryle Ward – Reds. The Reds signed a couple of 33 year olds to minor leagues deals in Jacque Jones and Daryle Ward. After hitting .147 with the Tigers and Marlins in 2008, I am not sure if Jones has anything left even to be a role player. I give Ward a much better chance of making the Reds roster due to the fact he is 1 year removed from a .327/.436/.527 season and he can play both the OF and 1B.

Brad Wilkerson – Red Sox. The signing of Wilkerson makes more sense now the Mark Kotsay is out till May after undergoing back surgery. Wilkerson used to be a “Money Ball” darling. Lot’s of walks, lot’s of home runs and a high OBP. Wilkerson had his best season in 2004 by putting up a .255/32/67/.374 stat line. Wilkerson will make the Red Sox roster as 1st/of/dh role player.


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One Response to “A Flurry Of Minor League Contracts…”

  1. Todd Says:

    Good Stuff Adam. Can’t say I remember you being so hardcore into baseball in the mid-late 90’s?

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