What Is Andruw Jones Thinking??

There are some people in baseball that just confuse me. Like Mets GM Omar Minaya thinking signing Luis Castillo to a 4 year deal was a good idea or Jeff Weaver finding success for the first time in baseball in the NL with the Dodger and then signing with the Angels in the AL. Just confusing.

So when I read this morning that Andruw Jones signed a minor-league deal with the Rangers, I wondered what Jones was thinking? I wondered this because it was reported by Jon Heyman earlier in the week that he turned down a similar offer from the Yankees.

Jones, who was released by the Dodgers after seeing his waste line rise and his bat speed decline is trying to get back into a major league line up. Mainly because him and his agent, Scott Boras want to get at least one more pay day. But if Jones really wanted to get back into a line up and play every day why would he sign with the Rangers instead of the Yankees?

The Yankees currently have Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner slated to compete for the CF job. Both spent the majority of time in AAA last season and both haven’t proved they can be every day CF’s in the major leagues. The Rangers on the other hand, have Nelson Cruz, Josh Hamilton and David Murphy patroling the OF in Arlington Stadium. Both Cruz (.330/7/26 in 31 games) and Murphy (.275/15/74 in 108 games), last year proved they belong in the line up every day and obviously Josh Hamilton speaks for himself. On top of that the Rangers also have Marlon Byrd and Frank Catalanotto on the roster as well. Even if Jones does make the team, where is he going to get playing time?

The Rangers I am guessing don’t have room on the roster for 3 reserve OF’s. Which is why this move is so confusing and I am wondering what Andruw Jones is thinking?


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