Figuring Out What Andruw Jones Is Thinking…

You can hate him, think he is bad for baseball, not want to work with him (Ken Williams) or you might actually like the guy because he brings players to your favorite team. Either way you have to agree, Scott Boras is one smart cookie.

In my previous post I wondered why Andruw Jones would choose the Rangers over the Yankees? As details come out about the contract Jones signed, it’s pretty clear what Jones and more importantly Boras was thinking. In the minor-league contract that Jones signed, Jones has the ability to opt out of his contract on March 20th. Brilliant.

Here is what Camp Boras was thinking. Have Jones sign with the Rangers so he can work with hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo. Jaramillo is widely regarded as one of the best, if the not the best hitting coach in baseball. If Jaramillo can work his magic on Jones and make him look like major league hitter again by March 20th, then Boras will have Jones opt so he is available to a team maybe desperate for another OF.

It’s genius. Use Jaramillo until March 20th and if all goes well, peddle Jones to another team where he can get a guaranteed major league contract and make more money than what the Rangers were going to pay him.

If Boras pulls this off by getting Jones on a major league roster offering significant playing time in 2009, then Boras might go down as the greatest agent in the history of sports


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One Response to “Figuring Out What Andruw Jones Is Thinking…”

  1. Phil B Says:

    “Then Boras might go down as the greatest agent in the history of sports”

    I think he is already there. Off the top of my head I cant think of anyone who comes close. Maybe Bob Sugar 🙂

    I agree – the March 20 opt out was brilliant.

    Boras Blog

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