Dunn Signs With Nationals….

As I predicted in my “Where will they end up?” post, free agent 1B/OF has signed with the Washington Nationals according to The Washington Post.

I am really surprised there wasn’t more of a market for Dunn. I understand he probably can no longer play the OF but he is a legit 40 HR hitter (5 years in a row) and knows how to work a count which is coveted by GM’s these days. In his 7 full big league seasons, Dunn has averaged 108 BB a season.

Are you telling me the Giants, Angels, Royals and Blue Jays couldn’t have used Dunn as a 1B/DH type player? Dunn would have been a perfect fit as a DH for the Blue Jays but JP Ricciardi had to open his big mouth last year.

Good signing by the Nationals. With Dukes, Milledge, Zimmerman, Willingham and now Dunn in the line up, the Nationals are moving 1 step closer to competing by the day.

Also, now that the Nationals have signed Dunn, look for them to move 1B Nick Johnson. One possible destination…The A’s. Johnson is a “money ball” type player and A’s GM Billy Beane has had a man crush on Johnson for years.


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