Angels Go Shopping At Walmart…

Walmart is known for their bargain basement prices where everyone can get a good deal on everything from dvd’s to fishing rods. So yesterday the Angels front office packed up the family truckster (metallic pea, of course) and headed to Walmart. There they found a RF/DH named Bobby Abreu who hit .296/20/100/.371 last year for the bargain basement price of $5MM.

Let me start talking about Bobby Abreu by saying this. I am not a fan of his. Never have been, never will be. I think he provides “hollow stats.”  Meaning a guy who always puts up numbers but really doesn’t bring anything else to the table and generally is not considered a winner. Think Carlos Delgado. This is evident by the fact that as good as Abreu has been over the last 10 years, he has never finished higher than 14th in the MVP voting.  That being said, for the Angels to get a guy who put up the stat line I mentioned in the above paragraph and has a lifetime avg. of .300 and an obp of .405 for a 1 year $5MM deal….that is a good bargain.

Abreu fits perfectly into the Angels lineup. He gives them a set-the-table-guy for Vlad and he can steal a base from time to time (10 seasons of 20+ sb’s), which fits in with Scioscia’s aggressive style of baseball. Now with Abreu, the Angels lineup might look like this

1. Figgins, 3B

2. Kendrick, 2B

3. Abreu, DH

4. V. Guerrero, RF

5. Hunter, CF

6. Rivera, LF

7. Napoli, C

8. Morales, 1B

9. Aybar, SS

This is good but not great. The Angels lineup really depends on if Napoli and Morales have the breakout seasons that many are expecting. If those 2 guys have a breakout season and now with the addition of Abeu, the Angels should once again win in the AL West.


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One Response to “Angels Go Shopping At Walmart…”

  1. Ralley Monkey Says:

    Don’t count me or the thunder sticks out!!!

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