Brewers Rotation Looks To Rebuild Update…

This is an update to the “Brewers Rotation Looks To Rebuild” post. Yesterday the Brewers rounded out their rotation by signing RHP Braden Looper to a 1 year $4.75MM contract. The Brewers have a $6MM option for 2010. Looper is 24-26 with a 4.55 era as a starter

I like this deal for the Brewers for 2 reasons.

1. The Brewers needed another pitcher who can eat up innings. Looper threw 199 innings last season. That was 14 innings more than any starting pitcher on the Brewers roster.

2. This allows Seth McClung to move to the bullpen where he was most effective last year. McClung had a 3.67 era with 37 K’s in 41.2 innings as a reliever last year.

Now the Brewers rotation looks like this:

1. Gallardo

2. Bush

3. Parra

4. Looper

5. Suppan

Again, the Brewers really depends on the maturity of Gallardo and Parra but Looper gives them more depth than what they had before. Expect a 13-12 record with a 4.40 era in 195 innings from Looper


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