Goodbye Mr Bowden, You Won’t Be Missed…

According to the Associated Press, Jim Bowden has resigned as GM of the Washington Nationals. Bowden is resigning due to allegations that he was skimming from signing bonuses given to Latin American prospects.

If I am a Washington Nationals fan, I say GOOD RIDDANCE!!! Bowden has spent the last 4 years as GM of the Washington Nationals and in those 4 years Bowden  has accomplished NOTHING!! The Washington Nationals had the worst record in baseball last year going 59-102, they have never finished over .500 and according to Keith Law, the Nationals farm system ranks 29th out of 30 major league teams. As a GM, If you are not going to produce a quality major league product, then you better have a growing farm system that can produce major league talent. Under Bowden’s leadership the Nationals have neither.

Bowden was the Boy Wonder when the Reds made him the youngest GM in baseball history at 31 years old in 1992. Now 16 years and just 1 playoff appearance later, Bowden is just another name on the long list of GM’s who never won a World Series title.


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