Where Is The Market For Joe Beimel?….

In today’s game where a team can never have too many quality relievers, I am having a hard time believing there is not more of a market for LHP Joe Beimel.

Beimel, who will be 32 in April (in reliever years is like 28) had a very solid year last year for the Dodgers. Beimel in 49 innings had a 2.02 era, gave up 0 HR’s, had a 5.88 K/9 (highest since 04) and stranded 85% of the runners he inherited. What team wouldn’t want that in their bullpen?

Beimel allowed 0 hr's in 2008

Beimel allowed 0 hr's in 2008

Not only is Beimel a good pitcher but because of the economy his asking price has come way down. According to Beimel’s agent Joe Sroba, Beimel is willing to sign for a low base salary with incentives . There should be at least 5-10 teams lining up to sign this guy. If you are the owner of the Tigers, Reds, Mets, Brewers or Twins you are telling me that adding $1MM to the payroll for a quality player would put you in the red?

I understand we are in one of the worst economies in years and baseball is not immune. However, it is hard to use the economy as an excuse if you are an owner when Edgar Renteria signs for 2 years and $18MM, Kyle Farnsworth signs for 2 years and $9MM, Derek Lowe signed for 4 years and $60MM and Milton Bradley signs for 3 years and $30MM. Even in this economy teams have overpaid for players.

If teams are going to overpay in this economy, than a team should underpay for a quality lefty reliever in Beimel. I will go ahead and predict the Tigers step up to the plate and sign the lefty. The only lefty in the Tigers pen with big league experience is Bobby Seay so adding Beimel would not only add depth but it would be an upgrade over what they have now.


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