Manny Finally Signs With Dodgers….

According to, Manny Ramirez has finally agreed to a 2 year $45MM contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers. According to the report, money will be deferred over a 5 year period without interest and there will be an opt-out clause after the 2009 season.

As you probably have noticed, I have not written about the negotiations between Ramirez and the Dodgers because as a Red Sox fan, I could care less about Manny. The way I see it, Ramirez destroyed his legacy in Boston and turned his back on the franchise that made him one of the richest players in baseball for $5MM.

In my opinion, Ramirez’s agent Scott Boras orchestrated Ramirez’s exit from Boston and believed he could get some sucker to pay Ramirez $100MM over 4 years. Well, Boras was wrong and wrong big time. No team fell for his charade and no team wanted to give Manny more than a 1 year contract.

As a professional, I always believed the respect of my peers and bosses was more valuable than the money I made. If you are respected in your profession, the money will come. I guess Manny thinks differently.


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One Response to “Manny Finally Signs With Dodgers….”

  1. Rupesh Says:

    So, you said you didn’t write about the negotiations with Manny, and you could care less about him, but now you’re writing this blog about….. Manny? I think you care much more than you let on.

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