Predictions For The WBC….

With the 1st game of the World Baseball Classic slated to start at 4:30 AM est tomorrow morning (yes, you read that correctly) with China vs Japan, it’s time to make some predictions for the tournament.

First Round – Double elimination and 2 countries advance in each of the 4 pools.

Pool A

Countries – China, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Japan

Pool Winners – Korea & Japan

Pool B

Counties – Australia, Cuba, Mexico, South Africa

Pool Winners – Cuba & Mexico

Pool C

Countries – Canada, Italy, USA, Venezuela

Pool Winners – USA & Venezuela

Pool D

Counties – Dominican Republic, Netherlands, Panama, Puerto Rico

Pool Winners – Dominican Republic & Puerto Rico

Round 2 – Double elimination and 2 countries advance in each of the 2 pools.

Pool 1

Countries – Korea, Japan, Cuba, Mexico

Pool Winners – Japan & Cuba

Pool 2

Countries – USA, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico

Pool Winners – USA & Dominican Republic

Semi-finals & Finals – Single elimination & 2 countries advance to the finals.


Countries – Japan, Cuba, USA, Dominican Republic

Winners – Japan & Dominican Republic


Countries – Japan & Dominican Republic

Winner – Dominican Republic

Ortiz will power the Domincan Republic to a WBC win

Ortiz will power the Domincan Republic

Led by David Ortiz, Hanley Ramirez, Miguel Tejada, Jose Reyes and Jose Guillen, the Dominican Republic has more than enough offense even without Albert Pujols and perhaps Alex Rodriguez. There pitching staff isn’t too shabby either. Cincinnati Reds young guns Edison Volquez and Johnny Cueto head up the starting rotation while Juan Cruz and Jose Arredondo cover the back end of the staff.

Those are some of the reasons why I believe the Dominican Republic will win the 2nd annual World Baseball Classic. As for team USA, at the end of the day I think all the players they lost will eventually come back to haunt them in the semi-finals.

Enjoy the games everyone!


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