Looking Back At Some Predictions….

Here at The Ghost of Moonlight Graham I have a section called “The Crystal Baseball.” I use this section to make some predictions on players, teams and games. I wanted to revisit some of the predictions made earlier in the year because I feel it is important to be held accountable for the predictions I make.

Here are the results of some of the predictions I made…

“Where Will They End Up?” was a post that tried to predict where the remaining top free agents will land. Here are the results

1. Derek Lowe

Predicted – Braves

Signed With – Braves

2. Oliver Perez

Predicted – Mets

Signed With – Mets

3. Adam Dunn

Predicted – Nationals

Signed With – Nationals

4. Manny Ramirez

Predicted – Giants

Signed With – Dodgers

5. Orlando Hudson

Predicted – Nationals

Signed With – Dodgers

6. Bobby Abreu

Predicted – A’s

Signed With – Angels

7. Orlando Cabrera

Predicted – Angels

Signed With – A’s

Results – 3/7 = 42%

Not bad at 42% but not great. I should have nailed the Manny to the Dodgers signing. I definitely over thought that one.

Now that the first round of the World Baseball Classic is in the books, let’s take a look how I did in my“Predictions for the WBC” post….

Round 1 Winners Predicted

Japan, Korea, Cuba, Puerto Rico, USA, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela

Round 1 Winners In The WBC

Japan, Korea, Cuba, Puerto Rico, USA, Netherlands, Mexico, Venezuela

Results – 7/8 = 88%

The Dominican Republic really let me down. I had them winning the whole tournament. It’s kind of like when the team you had going to the Final Four gets knocked out by a #13 seed.

So in the predictions that I have made that have yielded actual results I am 10/15, which is 67%. The goal for the year is to be between 55-65%. It’s a high goal but I am feeling good about this baseball season.


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