Meet Dexter Fowler…

I am going to have to admit, I watched a preseason Rockies game just to see Dexter Fowler play. Yes, I know that is odd but I have been hearing such good things about this 6’4″, switch hitting CF that I had to see him play for myself. I know it was just one game but I was very impressed. There are certain guys that just have that “look” and Fowler has that “look.”

The future of the Rockies

The future of the Rockies

Not only did Fowler impress me (means nothing) but he impressed Rockies manager Clint Hurdle enough this spring to make the Rockies Opening Day roster. Fowler had a great spring hitting .314/0/5 with 6 sb’s in 70 ab’s. The Rockies will bring Fowler along slowly as they already have Ryan Spilborghs (highly underrated) playing CF. Fowler will bring to the team solid speed (83 career minor league sb’s) and outstanding defense which is important in the spacious Coors Field. Fowler will get his ab’s too as it doesn’t make sense to have him on the roster if he is just going to sit on the bench. Especially at the age of 23. With Iannetta, Tulowitzki, Young Jr & Fowler all under the age of 25, the future looks bright for the Rockies up the middle of the diamond.

Here are some other facts about Dexter Fowler…




None – passed up offers from Harvard and the Univ. of Miami to sign with the Rockies


14th round of the 2004 Draft

Minor League Stats

Single A: .296 avg with 8 hr, 46 rbi, .373 obp with 43 sb’s in 405 ab’s

Single A+: .273 avg with 2 hr, 23 rbi, .397 obp with sb’s in 245 ab’s

Double A: .335 avg with 9 hr, 64 rbi, .431 obp with 20 sb’s in 421 ab’s

Keith Law Ranking and Analysis

Ranking: #30 out of the top 100 best prospects in baseball

Analysis: “Fowler was one of the top players to just miss my list last year due to concerns about his swing. He has always been a plus defender in center with good speed. He showed patience as soon as he reached pro ball, but he had swing issues from both sides of the plate; it’s not surprising that he had issues from the left side, since he’s only been switch-hitting since instructional league in 2004, but he was leaking badly as a right-handed hitter as well.


The Rockies have done a great job cleaning up both swings — he keeps his weight back much better now than he did as recently as late 2007, and he does a better job keeping his hands inside the ball when he’s hitting left-handed. He’s still obviously more comfortable hitting right-handed, but the improvement on both sides is a great sign, and he shows above-average power from the left side when he gets his arms extended on balls out over the plate.


Fowler’s a plus runner — albeit a below-average base stealer — and covers a lot of ground in center. He gets good marks for makeup and work ethic, and given the strides he’s already made, there’s reason to expect further improvement.”


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