Citi Field Critique….

In this new category at The Ghost of Moonlight Graham “Stadium 411,” we are going to give you a first hand perspective of the ballparks across baseball. Not only will I be giving some critiques but also some of my friends as well.

First up, my long-time friend and former college roommate, Jon Liberatore will give a critique of the new Mets ballpark, Citi Field.

Citi Field Critique

Went to the Citi Field ‘home’ opener on Friday 4/3 for the Mets/Sox scrimmage.  Almost reminded me a bit of Citizen’s Bank Park in Philly; retro-style/feel of the park, ability to take in a view of the game from anywhere inside the park while walking around to/from the concessions, waiting on line for restrooms/etc.  Jackie Robinson Rotunda is nothing too special – it is what it is.

The new Citi Field

The new Citi Field

Ability to watch the game from any vantage pt from w/in the park.  Tons of standing room. Park itself has a very unique feel/charm to it. Food/beer prices are not overly outrageous. Stairways, ramps, escalators allow for easy access to upper levels of the park. Upper deck of Citi is equivalent to the old Mezzanine section at Shea. Outfield terrace/concourse has plenty of room for gatherings/parties – tons of amenities (food/beer/etc). No shortage of urinals either throughout the park.
The concession/beer lines were absurdly long and I mean LONG.  Lines for Blue Smoke and Steak Shack (which is over in LF) were unlike anything I’d seen in a ballpark.  One concession stand was open. After doing a walk-thru of the upper and lower levels we saw that some of the concession stands/beer stands were not open (unsure as to why). Cash registers were not working so calculators were used to tally up the total bill.  Escalators are rather narrow.   
Overall gameday experience: 8.5/10  It will definitely take another few trips to the park to really get a feel/sense for where things are as well as bearings.  Hopefully over the next week they iron out a few of the wrinkles…

If anyone would like to give a critique of a stadium they have been to recently, please send me an email at and follow the same format as above.


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5 Responses to “Citi Field Critique….”

  1. patrick Says:

    You describe the park as “very unique.” A ballpark, or anything else, is unique or it is not unique – there are no degrees.

    I like your site.

    • Adam Bernacchio Says:

      Kind of like the Seinfeld episode where they are talking of coincidences. There are no big or small coincidences, just coincidences.

      I am glad you enjoy my site, thank you

  2. Citizens Bank Park Critique… « The Ghost of Moonlight Graham Says:

    […] also gave a Citi Field critique, which you can find here. Last summer I had an opportunity to check out Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia while the Mets […]

  3. Jobey Says:

    What are your thoughts on their embracing of Dodger history? The Jackie rotunda and the usage of the Ebbet’s Field modeled rotunda?

    I’m a Dodger fan, so I love it (though I’ve never been there yet). I love seeing an ode to Jackie in NY…but if I were a Met fan, or an unbiased baseball fan, is it odd they went so far as to copy the Ebbet’s facade? It kind of seems like living off another team’s legacy (Jackie aside, who of course is baseball legacy). I know that the Mets occupy the land that the Dodgers would have occupied had they stayed in NY, and that the Mets creation was for disgruntled Brooklyn Dodger and NY Giant fans, National League fans, and Yankee haters (even going so far as to choosing Dodger Blue and Frisco Orange to woo those fans), but yeah, I would think as a Met fan I would be a little, I don’t know, bummed at how far tribute was paid to another team.

    Again, as a Dodger fan, I’m stoked and can’t wait to visit. But I also know it makes me biased.

    Personally, I see the Mets as step-brothers or cousins or something, and I love watching the Dodgers play the Mets. There’s some kind of cool connection there for me, and so if there is any team out there to adopt some Dodger history, I’m glad it’s the Mets.

    Interested in your thoughts.


    • Adam Bernacchio Says:

      Thanks for the read and comment Jobey,

      I can tell you living in the NY, Mets fans are furious with the new stadium. While the fans and myself feel there is nothing wrong embracing where the Mets came from, the Wilpons have gone overboard. The Met’s owner was a HUGE Dodgers fan and that is why the stadium is the way it is.

      I think the Jackie Robinson Rotunda is cool, but if you are a Mets fan is that the first thing you want to see when you walk into the stadium? I would want to see pictures of Tom Seaver, Keith Hernandez, Mike Piazza, etc…Not Jackie Robinson

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