So Who Is Emilio Bonifacio?….

So far the biggest surprise early (and when i mean early, I mean 2 games in) in this baseball season has been the emergence of Florida Marlins 3B, Emilio B0nifacio. In the Marlins 2 games this season, Bonifacio has gone 6 for 10, with a HR, triple, 4 runs scored, 4 RBI, 3 sb’s and just for the hell of it solved the world’s economic crisis. Pretty impressive. So the question fantasy owner have is…Do I pick this guy up? Here are the pros and cons to Emilio Bonifacio and my answer to the previous question…

Emilio Benifacio

Emilio Bonifacio


– Firmly entrenched as the Marlins started 3B so unless a major slump happens, he will get 500+ ab’s.

– Will qualify at 3B, 2B and in some leagues perhaps the OF. Roster flexibility is always important and sleeper 2B’s are hard to come by.

– The Marlins are built on speed so he will get his sb attempts.

– Only 24 so he finally might be realizing his potential.


– He is only 24 and already this is his 3rd team (Wash, Arz, Fla). That is never a good sign.

– In 186 ab’s in 2008 he hit .243 with a .296 OBP.

– Never hit a HR until this year and that HR was an inside-the-park HR.


If you have a roster with some flexibility, I say pick him up. What is the worst than can happen? He comes back down to earth, you drop him and you pick up a better player. The best case scenario is that he keeps this up and you found yourself a nice little sleeper who just happens to qualify at 2B. Perhaps even becoming trade bait down the road. Just don’t be THAT guy and drop Justin Upton, Chris Davis or any other star in the making for him.


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