What You Get For Your $2600 Seat…

At 1:05 today the New York Yankees will open up the new Yankee Stadium, the greatest stadium in history of human civilization. For those of you who still would like to attend today’s game and other Yankee home games, there are some great seats still available. Those seats will cost you $2625 just for 1 seat. Now before you jump off your rocker and think you can’t afford those type of tickets, think about what you are going to get with that ticket. Here is how your day would go for a 7:05 start if you purchased one of these majestic seats.

The new Yankee Stadium

The new Yankee Stadium

4:30 pm – Xavier Nady (he has plenty of time now),  who will be your chauffeur for the evening picks you up at your office or house in a stretch limo.

5:30 – 6:30 – You dine at the steakhouse in Yankee Stadium. There you will eat the finest steak known to man. The steak is cooked to perfection by your personal chef, CC Sabathia and served to you by your waiter this evening, AJ Burnett. If you wish for a cigar after your meal, Fidel Castro will roll one himself and hand it to you.

6:45 – Joe Girardi runs the lineup by you just to make sure you are okay with it.

6:50 – You have your Enrico Pallazzo moment and sing the National Anthem.

7:05-10:00 – You talk on your Blackberry for 3 hours while also enjoying a baseball game.

10:05-11:00 – Xavier Nady drives you home

11:30 –Derek Jeter tucks you in and reads you a bed time story. Tonight’s story, a couple of chapters from “Yankees Centry: 100 years of New York Yankees Baseball.”

8:00 am – Mariano Rivera makes you breakfast. Eggs cooked to order, freshly squeezed OJ (squeezed by Rivera himself) and pancakes as fluffy as clouds.

So as you can see you get tremendous value for your $2600 purchase. Don’t hesitate, call the Yankee ticket office (Hank Steinbrenner will personally handle your transaction) and enjoy the place that makes the Taj Mahal look like Applebee’s because here at The Ghost of Moonlight Graham we hate empty seats at baseball games.

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2 Responses to “What You Get For Your $2600 Seat…”

  1. LKC Says:

    is yankee stadium a monument???

  2. Meet the Mets for Just 97 Cents a Ticket | MLB Says:

    […] While the Mets didn’t have quite as ridiculous ticket prices as the Yankees’ infamous $2600 seats, they still overpriced their tickets. They thought that the demand would stay strong for Mets […]

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