Mets Erase History Yet Again Update….

Well it looks like the Mets have succumbed to the pressure and will keep Dwight Gooden’s signature on the wall at the Ebbets Club. According to Jay Horwitz “We got a lot of calls on this and it was a topic on [sports radio] all day, so we’re going to listen to the fans.”

If you have lived in NY your whole life like I have, you know this is typical Mets. Instead of doing the right thing to begin with, they always seem to be “responding” to something. Whether it is the Mets Museum or this autograph fiasco, their responses are insincere and fake.

When you are fighting with the Yankees for control of the biggest baseball market in the country you can’t have mistakes like this. Unfortunately for the Mets, PR disasters like this one happen way too often.


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