Diamondbacks In Trouble….

Despite beating the Giants on Sunday in a game where they were trailing 4-2 heading into the 9th, I believe the Diamondbacks are in trouble. I know it’s only 18 games into the season, but there a lot of things I am seeing from the Diamondbacks that have me doubting my World Series pick.

Upton is off to a slow start

Upton is off to a slow start

  1. Losing Brandon Webb is a big blow. Webb is one of the 10 best pitchers in the NL and not to have your ace for almost 2 months is hard to recover from.
  2. There young hitters are not developing. One of the reasons I predicted the Diamondbacks would make the World Series is because I thought their young hitters would blossom this year. For whatever reason Bob Melvin is not getting through to these guys. Conor Jackson, Justin Upton, Chris Young and Stephen Drew should all be coming into their own and instead, none of them are batting higher than .227. I look at Jackson and I see a guy who should be a .300/25/100 guy. Instead he is a .275/15/75 guy. Puzzling to me.
  3. Not only are their young hitters not hitting, all of their hitters are not hitting. The Dbacks are 15th in the NL in runs scored (63), last in avg (.223) and 14th in OPS (.690).
  4. The Dbacks record is 7-11. Normally that wouldn’t be of concern only 18 games into the season. However, the Dbacks in April play 18 out of their 22 games at home. If the schedule makers are going to be that friendly to you in April, you better to get off to a fast start. If they are not going to win their games at home, how are they going to win on the road?
  5. Bob Melvin might be dead man walking. One of the more interesting prop bets is who will be the 1st manager to be fired? Well, if the Diamondbacks keep up their lackluster play it might be Melvin. I watched the recent series with the Giants and the Dbacks looked in a daze and uninspired. Not only that but their are 2 big strikes against Melvin. One, the Dbacks have regressed since Melvin led them to a 90-72 record and a division title in 2007 and two, the rise of Carlos Quentin is really a black eye for Melvin and his ability to develop young players.

Now the good news is the Diamondbacks play in the NL where mediocrity reigns supreme. If the Diamondbacks can hang on until Webb comes back, 88-90 wins should be good enough to win the Wild Card. Maybe the comeback win on Sunday will inspire the Diamondbacks? Maybe if Melvin gets fired the Diamondbacks will get inspired? But right now things aren’t looking good for the Diamondbacks.

Please not this article was written before last nights Cubs vs Diamondbacks game.


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