Is Hamels Walking Under A Black Cloud?….

Phillies ace, Cole Hamels is finding out real quickly that the baseball gods are a fickle bunch. Since winning the NLCS and WS MVP last year, Hamels has experienced nothing but bad luck this year. Seriously, who did Hamels upset? Unless the ultimate baseball god is a Mets fan, it’s almost hard to believe what has happened to Hamels since the start of spring training.

Hamels suffered from a sore elbow in spring training which kept him sidelined most of camp. There was no structural damage found but it was definitely a scary time for both Hamels and Philly fans. After an extended spring training Hamels made his season debut against the Rockies on April 10th and got torched to the tune of 7 runs and 11 hits in 3.2 innings. Not a good start to the season for my predicted Cy Young award winner.

Hamels hasn't been smiling in 09

Hamels hasn't been smiling in 09

In his second start of the season Hamels pitched better than he did in his first outing (6 IP, 8 H, 4 R), but it’s occurrences in Hamels’ last 2 starts that have you questioning whether or not he is walking under a black cloud. Against the Brewers, Prince fielder smacked a line drive off the arm of Hamels which knocked him out of the game in the 4th inning and then in a start against the Nationals, Hamels sprained his ankle fielding a bunt in the 5th inning which knocked him out of the game as well. That’s unbelievable. Think about it, the odds of a pitcher leaving 2 consecutive games because of injuries like this is unprecadented.

Hamels is expected to make his next his next start Monday in St Louis but you have to start wonder what will happen to Hamels this time? Will he strain an oblique swinging the bat? Will he trip over Chase Utley’s bat causing a bruised knee? Hopefully none of these scenarios happen because Hamels is a great pitcher and when he is on, there are few better. Hamels still has about 30 more starts to go baring injury and hopefully May-October will be better for Hamels because it can’t get much worse.

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One Response to “Is Hamels Walking Under A Black Cloud?….”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    Yeah, the guy can’t catch a break. He’s too good to not come around though, if he can stay out of the way of comebackers, that is…

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