Holliday Goes Yard, Yay!!!!….

Holliday is struggling in Oakland

Holliday is struggling in Oakland

Matt Holliday hit his first HR of the season yesterday in the A’s 4-2 win over the Texas Rangers. This normally wouldn’t be a big deal, but this was Holliday’s first HR in 107 ab’s dating back to last season. Ouch. Holliday was a great power hitter in Colorado (who isn’t) and now his power numbers compare to the likes of Rafeal Santana, Junior Ortiz and Alvaro Espinoza.

Holliday is hitting .240/1/12/.288 so far this season and he better pick it up over the next 6 months if him and his agent, Scott Boras want to get a big pay day at the end of the season. If you want to bring up a negative to having Boras as your agent all you need to do is look at the Matt Holliday situation.

Holliday had it all in Colorado. He was becoming the face of the franchise, he was an MVP candidate, he was hitting .300 ever year, he was a Silver Slugger and he could hit a ball 300 ft but in Colorado it would travel an addition 150 ft for a HR. What more could a player ask for? However, Boras clients rarely stay with their current teams and if you are a superstar there is no chance. When Boras and Holliday rejected the Rockies 4 year $68MM offer (plus a 5th year option which would have taken the deal to $85MM), the Rockies new there was no chance Holliday would remain in Colorado. The Rockies were essentially forced to trade their best player.

Holliday went from the perfect situation for a hitter to maybe one of the worst when he was traded to the Oakland A’s in the offseason. Going from Coors Field to the Oakland Coliseum for a hitter is like going from Miami to Nebraska for someone who loves the beach. With Holliday’s slow start many are wondering if Holliday was a just a product of Coors Field? Never a good image to have.

Like I said before, Holliday has 6 months to get it going. If he doesn’t one executive thinks Holliday will only get a 1 year deal next offseason. Holliday made his bed with Boras and now he must lay in the very spacious, non-hitter friendly Oakland Coliseum.


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