Indians Can’t Be Serious….

Remember the other day when I wondered what the Angels were thinking in regards to their handling of Brandon Wood? Well, the Indians might have topped the Angels in terms of head scratching moves. With a roster spot opening up because Travis Hafner landing on the DL, the Indians had the option to call up journey man, 4th, 4 OF type, Dave Dellucci or one of the best prospects in the game, Matt LaPorta. Guess who the Indians called up? Dave Dellucci. The Indians can’t be serious.

LaPorta will just have to wait

LaPorta will just have to wait

Dellucci has been a serviceable major league hitter over his 12 year career. He is a lifetime .258 hitter and even hit 29 HR’s in a season when he was with the Rangers in 2005. But now at the age of 35, Dellucci is a nice fill in every now and then bench player. Matt LaPorta on the other hand, has the potential to be a superstar. No, not a star a superstar. LaPorta is tearing up Triple A pitching to the tune of .352/5/14/.427 in 71 ab’s. He has nothing left to prove in the minors and he can be for the Indians what Longoria and Braun are for the Rays and Brewers.

Would you like to know why LaPorta is not in the majors yet? Here are the words of wisdom from Indians Manager, Eric Wedge

“The reality is that the people here are the ones who have to make the difference for us,” he said. “”The difference makers are our core players who are here. LaPorta is so young, just out of college. He’s off to a good start, and his day will come.”

When I first read this I thought this was Wedge’s attempt at humor. Unfortunately for Indians fans, it was not. By all accounts Wedge was dead serious when he said that. A couple of things about Wedge’s comments. 1. LaPorta is not so young. He is 24 years old. It is not like he is 18 and 2 weeks ago he was doing keg stands on Thirsty Thursday at the University of Florida. 2. If your difference makers Mr. Wedge are Ben Francisco, David Dellucci and Trevor Crowe than you and your Indians are worse off than I thought you were.

I really baffled by this decision by the Indians. What is more baffling is that the Indians can look to Jay Bruce, Evan Longoria and Ryan Braun as success stories. Like the Angels, I have no idea what the Indians are doing.


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