There Is No Place Like Home….

When I was writing my “Baseball’s Best Home Field Advantage” post, the thought of Dodger Stadium being in that class never even crossed my mind. The fans aren’t on top of you like Fenway, there is no environment advantage like Coors and it certainly isn’t as loud as the Metrodome in Minnesota. I always viewed Dodger stadium as just a great pitcher’s ballpark where fans only show up after the 3rd inning. In other words, nothing special. But after the Dodgers tied a major league record by winning their 12th straight at home to start season with a 3-1 victory over the Diamondbacks, the Dodgers are proving that Dodger Stadium is quite the home field advantage.

A great home field advantage?

A great home field advantage?

During this 12 game home winning streak, the Dodgers are beating teams into submission. The Dodgers have a 2.39 team era and are hitting .320 with a .399 OBP. I don’t care if you are playing the California Penal League, if you have a team era of 2.39 you are going to win games. The best part of this streak if you are a Dodgers fan is that all 12 wins have come at the expense of the Diamondbacks, Rockies, Padres and Giants. It’s hard to lose the division if your division rivals can’t beat you at home.

Overall the Dodgers currently have the best record in the majors with a 20-8 record. They are getting contributions from the likes of Juan Pierre (.367/.406), Mark Lorretta (.375/.444) and Ramon Troncosco (0.98 era in 18.1 IP). You know things are going well when Jeff Weaver has a 1.00 era in 9 IP this year. If the Dodgers are going to get solid contributions from Jeff Weaver, then the Dodgers might as well start making postseason plans today.

What makes the Dodgers start so scary is that they are getting nothing from Furcal (.248 avg), Loney (.270/0/8) and Martin (.222/0/8). Once those guys get going, look out. Speaking of get going, is any hitter going to get going against Jonathon Broxton? Doing my best Kramer impersonation….Not bloody likely. I thought Broxton would have a “Mark Davis 89” type season this year and he has done nothing so far to change my view. Broxton is 3-0 with 8 saves and a ridiculous 16.07 K/9 rate. When you have a guy like Broxton at the end of the game it makes everything else that much easier.

If the Dodgers continue their dominance at home, I am going to have to think about revisiting my Baseball’s Best Home field post to include Dodger Stadium. For the Dodgers right now, there is no place like home.


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