It’s Go Time For The Blue Jays….

When the subject of the Tampa Bay Rays came up on New York and Boston sports radio last year, you heard the same things being said from the hosts and callers from both cities. Things like “It’s early,they won’t last,” “They will collapse,” and “It’s only a matter of time before the Yankees and Red Sox pass them.” Well, early became late and late became reality as the Rays won the division title last year.

This year, the Toronto Blue Jays have taken the place of the Rays as the team that New York and Boston talk show hosts and callers say “It’s early,they won’t last,” “They will collapse,” and “It’s only a matter of time before the Yankees and Red Sox pass them.” The Blue Jays, led by Cito Gasten (who never gets the credit he deserves) and hot starts from Aaron Hill (.353/8/29), Adam Lind (.333/6/31), Scott Rolen (.304/3/12) and of course Doc Halladay (6-1 3.29 era) have jetted out to 22-12 record and the best record in the AL. However, most people will say their record is skewed because they have played a weak schedule to date.

Big start tonight for Halladay

Big start tonight for Halladay

In the next 2 weeks, the Blue Jays have a chance to make a statement, prove they are for real and in turn, shut a lot of people up. Starting tonight the Blue Jays will play a 3 game series against the Yankees, a 4 game series against the White Sox (whom they have already taken 2 out of 3 from), a 3 game series up at Fenway against the Red Sox and a 3 game series at Turner field which is never an easy place to play.

Obviously, the 2 most important series out of those 4 are the Yankees and Red Sox series. If they Blue can go 4-2 or 3-3 in those 6 games, I think people will start taking the Blue Jays more seriously. The 2009 season for the Toronto Blue Jays starts tonight and who better to make a statement with than Doc Halladay.

Speaking of making a statement. The Vipers (my softball team) ended the Brady Bunch’s 20 game winning streak last night with a 5-4 come from behind victory. The Vipers lost to the Brady Bunch in last year’s finals, so this was a nice victory.

After my 0-3 with 1 error performance last week, I was contemplating renaming my site The Ghost of Julio Lugo. However, I did redeem myself last night with a 3-3 with a double, a run scored and a RBI.

Viper’s record – 2-1. Only 6 earned runs given up in 3 games. However, we have only scored 14 runs in 3 games. Very Kansas City Royals like.

Adam O’ Meter – .500/0/1 with a very stellar Jason Barlett like UZR of 3.1 at SS through 2 games. Actually, I have no idea what my UZR is but it’s a fun stat so I figure I through it in there.


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