Peavy To The White Sox? Not So Fast….

UPDATE – According to multiple sources, Jake Peavy has rejected a trade to the White Sox. Here is Peavy’s reason: “San Diego is the place for us,” Peavy said of him and his family. “We’ve made that decision for the time being.”

I wouldn’t be too upset if I were a White Sox fan. Peavy in the AL wouldn’t have worked out. So where do the White Sox go from here? They clearly need pitching and I say they will make a run at Erik Bedard.

The Padres will trade Peavy and before the July 31st trading deadline. Where does Peavy end up? I am going to say the Brewers. They have the farm system, they have made a blockbuster trade for a pitcher before (Sabathia), and they have an owner who wants to win and is willing to put money back into the team.

UPDATE – According to ESPN’s Peter Gammons, Gordon Beckham is not part of the Jake Peavy Trade.

UPDATE – According to’s Jon Heyman, the White Sox and Padres have agreed to a trade and are just waiting approval from Jake Peavy. Still no word on who the White Sox will trade.

Buster Olney was just on ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning and reported there is a strong possibility that San Diego Padres ace Jake Peavy could be dealt to the Chicago White Sox.

According to Olney, Peavy was called into Bud Black’s office after last night’s game, and word is that Black was talking to Peavy about a possible trade.

Also, according to Olney, the trade would be Peavy to the White Sox for some middle infield prospects, hopefully Gordon Beckham.

Here is my take on this possible trade.

While it makes sense for the White Sox to add starting pitching (currently ranked 10th in the AL with a 5.22 starters’ ERA), I have my concerns about Peavy in the American League.


My concerns

1. Peavy pitched in the World Baseball Classic this year. Historically, we can all see Peavy doesn’t pitch well after the WBC.

2. He is going from the offensively challenged NL West to the AL. I always have concerns about pitchers going from the NL to the AL. It’s an entirely different animal.

3. Peavy no longer gets to pitch in Yellowstone Park. Let’s face it, if I got to pitch most of my games in Petco, I would have a sub-three ERA, too. US Cellular Field is a much more hitter-friendly ballpark. He also got to pitch a lot of his games in Dodger Stadium and AT&T Park, both extremely pitcher-friendly.

For the record, Peavy has never pitched at US Cellular Field.

4. Peavy doesn’t seem to want to pitch in the AL, either. He has a full no-trade clause in his contract, and when rumors started swirling back in November about a possible Peavy trade, the ace was asked to give a list of teams he would be willing to be traded to.

All the teams were in the NL.

Peavy seems like a smart guy and probably realized that pitching in the NL would be much better for his career.

So let’s see how this plays out. When Mike Greenberg asked Olney what his gut feeling was, Olney replied he thinks this will get done rather quickly.

Also, if this trade does happen, it’s a good day for the Brewers, Cardinals, and Reds. Why? Everyone had Peavy going to Chicago, but most people thought it would be to the Cubs.

Unfortunately for the Cubs, their ownership situation is still not settled, which has prevented them from pulling the trigger on a Peavy trade.

More on this story as it develops.


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