Nolasco Must Be Hurt….

I am going to keep this post short and sweet. After Friday nights horrific performance, Florida Marlins pitcher Ricky Nolasco has to be hurt. Nolasco is too good to be this bad. Before the season, many experts thought Nolasco could compete for the Cy Young Award. Something has to be up with this guy. Friday night Nolasco gave up 8 hits and runs in just 2 innings of work. He is now 2-5 with a beer league softball like 9.07 ERA on the season.

Are you hurt Ricky?

Are you hurt Ricky?

Like with Kazmir, Wang and Oliver Perez, I am guessing the Marlins come up with some injury for Nolasco so they can put him on the DL and get him straightened out. In my 25 years of following baseball, I can’t remember when so many good pitchers have performed this bad so far into the season.

If you have Nolasco on your fantasy team, sit him until he proves he has gotten his head out of the sand.


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