Kudos To Jon Heyman…

In my “Nolasco Must Be Hurt Update” post, I posed the following question:

“Someone get Tim Kurkjian on phone. Has there ever been a pitcher who won 15 games the year before and was then demoted to the minors the next year? Not sent sent to the minors to recover from an injury, but sent to the minors because of performance. Can anyone think of a pitcher this has happened to?”

Well, I couldn’t get Tim Kurkjian on the phone, nor could I get his email address. So I did the next best thing. I reached out to SI.com’s Jon Heyman and asked him if he could think of a pitcher who won 15 games the year before and was demoted the following year due to performance, not injury.

Here is Heyman’s response to my question:

“I would think so. i have seen brett myers get demoted (did he won 15 the yr. before?). also trachsel and bobby jones, i believe, with mets. But i’d have to look up to see if they had 15 wins. Sometimes they claim an injury. Willis was in minors last year. so in other words, id guess ye, but i dont have the reasearch. best, jon”

So Heyman thinks that this scenario might have happened to Steve Trachsel, Bobby Jones, Brett Myers or Dontrelle Willis. Let’s take a look….

Steve Trachsel – Won 16 games in 2003 and 15 games in 2006 with the Mets. In 2007, Trachsel won a total of seven games with the Orioles and Cubs. Trachsel did sign a minor league deal with the Orioles in 2008, but I don’t recall Trachsel being demoted to the minors as a Met because of performance.

Bobby Jones – Won 15 games in 2007  and in 1999, Jones won three games with the Mets. Jones was demoted to the minors in 2000, but that was two years after winning 15 games. Mets fans still can’t believe Jones threw a 1-hitter in the NLDS against the Giants in 2000.

Brett Myers – Myers was demoted to the minors because of performance in 2008. In 2007, Myers won five games but did have 21 saves for the Phillies.

Dontrelle Willis – Willis was demoted to the minors in 2008 with the Tigers. In 2007 with the Marlins, Willis won 10 games.

So as you can see, we still have not answered my question. Maybe one day we will get the answer or perhaps we already have our answer in Nolasco. Now you are probably wondering why I titled this post Kudos to Jon Heyman? I did so because he took the time out of his day to respond to my question. My buddy Tom wrote Heyman a question too and he responded to him as well. I give Heyman a lot of credit for responding to the questions that fans have. More importantly, you can tell he truly takes the time to try to the answer the question to the best of his knowledge. You don’t find that to often.

This is just another example of the wonders of technology. Inventions like email, allow us to interact with our favorite writers, celebrities or personalities. 20 years ago, I would have had to write Heyman a hand-written note and send it by mail. Talk about time consuming.

If anyone thinks they have an answer to my question, feel free to send me an email at abernacchio77@hotmail.com

You can also follow Jon Heyman on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/SI_JonHeyman


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