Big Game Bob Is Back….

I am not talking about Robert Horry nor am I talking about Bob Gibson. I am talking about Bob Costas. With a light schedule last night in baseball, I decided to tune into the Dodgers vs. Cubs game on the MLB Network. And like music to my ears, Bob Costas was announcing the game.

I call him “Big Game” Bob, because no matter if it is a meaningless game in May between the Dodgers and Cubs, just by him announcing the game, you get the feeling that it is a big game. There are only a handful of announcers that give you that feeling. Keith Jackson being one and Al Michaels being another. One of my earliest baseball memories was Al Michael’s call of Dave Henderson’s HR off of Donnie Moore in Game 5 of the 1986 ALCS between the Red Sox and Angels. It was just classic.

Costas should be announcing every World Series game and at least one of the League Championship Series. He needs to be doing this. Costas was great with Dan Plesac last night. Costas gives the game history and more importantly he gives the game meaning. I don’t get the same big game feeling with Joe Buck doing the play by play. Buck tries to portray this young, cool, hip guy and it just doesn’t work. I also think that because he is for some odd reason Fox’s #1 broadcast guy for both baseball and football, no game feels like a big game because he is on TV so much.

And don’t even get me started with TBS. They could have Bob Costas, Al Michaels and Keith Jackson announcing the game and it still wouldn’t work. There coverage of major league baseball in the postseason has been a flat out joke. They care more about plugging their own shows like Frank TV, than they do about the actual game itself. Bud Selig needed to end this partnership yesterday.

Costas will be doing the play by play for a handful of Thursday night games on the MLB Network. For me personally, I feel this great for baseball. Every game he does feels like a big game.


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