Wieters Debuts….

In honor of Matt Wieters’ debut in the major leagues, I have decided to do a live blog of Wieters’ AB’s against the Detroit Tigers. I have never seen a prospect with this much hype in my life. Wieters has more hype surrounding him than Mark Prior, Joe Mauer and even Gregg Jefferies. Yes, Gregg Jefferies. Jefferies was labeled as the “next Mickey Mantle” so that should tell you what kind of hype Jefferies was getting before he reached the majors.

Game – Detroit Tigers vs Baltimore Orioles

Date – 5/29/09

Bottom 2nd

It’s Wieters’ first official AB in the big leagues. He comes to the plate with runners on 1st and 2nd with nobody out. He will face Dontrelle Willis, who looks less than stellar so far.

Wieters gets a standing ovation as he comes to the plate and has AC DC’s Hells Bells playing in the background. This guy better save this franchise, my lord.

Pitch #1 – 88 mph fastball which Wieters fouls off between first and home. Wieters had a good rip at that one.

Pitch #2 – Takes a 79 mph curve for a ball. That pitch was about two feet outside.

Pitch #3 – Wieters swings and misses at a 90 mph on the outside corner

Pitch #4 – Wieters hits a 90 mph fastball to short RF. Clete Thomas makes the catch and makes a great throw to nail Melvin Mora trying to tag up at 2nd base. Double Play. Not the way I am sure Wieters drew that one up.

Wieters – 0-1 

Bottom 3rd

Three innings and already two AB’s for Wieters. Luke Scott just hit a grand slam (is there anyone hotter in the majors than Scott right now?) and Wieters comes up with two outs and nobody on base. Dontrelle Willis is still in there.

Pitch #1 – Takes an 81 mph change up for ball 1

Pitch #2 – Swings and misses at an 89 mph fastball that was probably a ball. Count now 1-1

Pitch #3 – Wieters hits a 90 mph fastball up the middle, but Willis makes a nice play to knock the ball down and throws Wieters out at first base.

Wieters – 0-2

Bottom 5th

Luke Scott just went yard again. This is ridiculous already. Wieters comes to the plate for his third AB. Again, thanks to Luke Scott with nobody on and two outs.

Pitch #1 – Wieters takes a 79 mph curve low for ball 1

Pitch #2 – Takes a 81 mph change just low for ball 2. Pitch could have been called a strike.

Pitch #3 – Wieters hits a slow roller on a 89 mph fastball to Brandon Inge at third. Inge makes the play and throws out Wieters to end the inning.

Wieters – 0-3

Bottom 8th

With the Orioles up 7-2 in the 8th, Wieters comes up for his fourth and perhaps final AB. Luke Scott, who drew a walk to lead off the inning is on first. Nate Robertson is pitching for the Tigers, so Wieters will continue to bat right handed.

Pitch #1 – Takes an 83 mph slider outside and low for ball 1. Though it’s only four AB’s, you can tell Wieters has a good eye at the plate and a good sense of ths strike zone.

Pitch #2 – Wieters just swong out of his shoes on a low and in 82 mph slider. He was trying to hit that into the upper deck at Camden Yards. The count now 1-1.

Pitch #3 – Wieters gets a good swing at an 88 mph fastball and fouls it back to the screen for strike 2. 1-2 the count.

Pitch #4 – Wieters looks at a 88 mph fastball for strike 3. Wieters must have been looking offspeed because that pitch was meaty.

Wieters – 0-4

Well, it was a disappointed debut for Matt Wieters. 0-4 with a strikeout. He did however, show a good eye at the plate (saw 14 pitches in 4 AB’s) and showed the ability to call a good game behind the plate. We will be hearing a lot more about Wieters in the future.


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