Glavine On The Comeback Trail Too….

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about John Smoltz being on the comeback trail. Now there’s another former Brave and future Hall of Famer on the comeback trail as well. Tom Glavine and his 305 career wins appear to be headed to a major league ballpark near you very soon.

Glavine pitched five scoreless innings on Thursday night for Triple A Gwinnett. In those five innings, Glavine allowed six hits, walked one and K’d two. He was also able to induce three double plays. Seems like a typical Glavine pitching line to me. Glavine will make one more start in the minors before joining the Braves. His start will most likely be on Tuesday for Single A Rome.

Glavine should join the Braves shortly

Glavine should join the Braves shortly

Javier Vazquez, Derek Lowe, Jair Jurrjens and Kenshin Kawakami are set as the Braves’ top four starters. When Glavine joins the Braves he will replace Kris Medlen in the rotation. Here is the question for Braves fans….Would you rather have 43 year old Tom Glavine as your #5 starter or 22 year old phenom Tommy Hanson? Me personally, I would rather have Tommy Hanson.

At this point in his career, you know what you are going to get with Glavine. Maybe five innings, seven to eight hits, four runs, no walks and one or two K’s. Nothing great. Hanson on the other hand, is currently 3-3 with a 1.49 ERA with 82 K’s in 60.1 IP for Triple A Gwinnett and most scouts view Hanson as a potential #1 or #2 starter. He looks like the real deal.

I will always take my chances with a pitcher who has the potential to be a #1 or #2 over the mediocre pitcher who is only going to give you five innings. I know it’s hard to call Tom Glavine mediocre (maybe not if you are a Met fan), but that is what he is these days. If Hanson is the real deal, then the Braves will easily have the best rotation in the NL East and in maybe the entire NL.

It will be interesting to see what the Braves do. Kawakami is not going to the pen, so the Braves have one spot for two pitchers. The future Hall of Famer or the young hot shot phenom? We shall all find out sooner rather than later.

On a complete side note, I was watching the ticker this morning on ESPN and I saw that Florida State beat Ohio State 37-6 in the NCAA Men’s Baseball Regional. Are you kidding? The score was 32-0 in the fifth inning!!! It makes no sense that the NCAA would have a mercy rule for women’s softball, but not for men’s baseball.


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