Why The Draft Matters For The Boston Red Sox…

When Theo Epstein was named GM of the Boston Red Sox on November 25th, 2002, his goal was to turn the Red Sox into an “Organizational Machine.” He wanted to turn the Red Sox into an organization that competes for a championship every year, while also developing a farm system that feeds players into the major leagues. Not an easy task.

However, in the last seven years the Red Sox have won two World Series and just as important, have developed a farm system that has been one of the best in baseball over that time period.

Many deem the major league baseball draft not as important as the NBA, NFL or even the NHL because there are so many rounds, and the majority of the players drafted don’t even make it to the majors. Not Theo Epstein. For Epstein and his staff, it all starts with the draft.

Epstein loves the draft

Epstein loves the draft

Take a look at some the players Epstein has drafted from 2002-2006…

2002: Jon Lester, Brandon Moss

2003: Jonathon Papelbon, David Murphy

2004: Dustin Pedroia

2005: Clay Buchholz, Craig Hansen, Michael Bowden, Jed Lowrie, Jacoby Ellsbury

2006: Daniel Bard, Justin Masterson, Lars Anderson, Matt LaPorta (LaPorta was drafted by the Red Sox but didn’t sign)

That my friends, is one heck of a track record when it comes to the draft. It looks like Epstein has used the draft as his own personal playground. This list doesn’t even include players that the Red Sox have developed in their farm system over the last seven years. Players like Hanley Ramirez and Kevin Youkilis.

Even players Craig Hansen and Brandon Moss, who were some of the Red Sox lesser prospects, were used as trade bait (Both were traded for Jason Bay last year).

How did Theo and company do in the 2009 draft? One of the foremost authorities, Keith Law held a live chat on Wednesday. Henry from Columbus asked Law this question:

“Since you don’t do grades, care to give a team you thought has had the best draft so far? Just one team…”

Here is Law’s response:

Red Sox

The Red Sox keep feeding the machine. That’s why the draft matters to Theo Epstein and the Boston Red Sox.

You can check out Keith Law’s live chat here.

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  1. martone Says:

    Boooorrrring. Red Sox blow.

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