What In The Name of Bert Blyleven Got Into Scott Richmond On Wednesday Night?

I have seen a lot of great curveball pitchers throughout my years of watching baseball. In the past I saw Bert Blyleven and Dwight Gooden snap off some nasty curveballs. Recently, pitchers like Clayton Kershaw and Tim Lincecum have shown the ability to throw a 12 to 6 curveball with the best of them.

When I think “curveball,” the name Scott Richmond never crossed my mind. However, after last night, I might have to start putting Richmond in the best curveball in baseball today category.

Bert Blyleven, in my opinion will always be the gold standard for curveballs. I will never forget the curveball Blyleven threw to Tim Raines when Blyleven was on the Angels and Raines on the White Sox. The ball broke twice. It was wiffle ball like. I would love to find a video of that pitch. It was the best curveball I have ever seen.

Richmond K'd 11 Phils

Richmond K'd 11 Phils

Last night Toronto Blue Jays’ pitcher Scott Richmond channeled his inner Bert Blyleven, and snapped off some nasty curveballs last night against the Phillies. Take a look at some of these curveballs he threw the Phillies last night. They were flat out just nasty.

Watch the curve that Richmond threw to Chase Utley to strike him out for the second time. Not only was it is nasty, but Utley looked befuddled. That rarely happens.  

Richmond pitched eight solid innings last night in beating the Phillies 7-1. The Blue Jays’ righty limiting the Phillies to just five hits and one run while striking out a career high 11. ALL of those K’s were on the curveball.

The win moved Richmond’s record to 5-3 and he lowered his ERA to 3.58 on the season. I won’t remember this game for the fact that the Blue Jays spanked the defending world champs. I will remember this game for the fact that Scott Richmond turned into Bert Blyleven for one night.


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One Response to “What In The Name of Bert Blyleven Got Into Scott Richmond On Wednesday Night?”

  1. mintman Says:

    If you had watched Richmond pitch against Texas, KC and the CWS earlier in the season you would have seen ample evidence of that same curve ball befuddleing the likes of Chris Davis, Jim Thome and many other slugging lefties in the process, contrary to conventional wisdom regarding that pitch.
    It looks like he’s starting to trust his own instincts more, so I’d stay tuned for more fireworks if I were you.

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