The Jonathan Sanchez Experiment Needs To End In San Francisco…

Thanks to the MLB package on cable and a pretty light schedule in the major leagues, I got to watch Jonathan Sanchez pitch for the San Francisco Giants against the Oakland A’s last night. After painfully watching Sanchez for 5.1 IP last night, I have come to this conclusion – The Jonathan Sanchez experiment needs to come to a sudden end in San Francisco.

Sanchez has been in the majors now for four years, and the reality is, he is not good. In four years, Sanchez has a lifetime record of 15-26 with a 5.26 ERA, an absurd 172 walks and opponents have a .359 OBP against him in 316.2 IP. All this while pitching in one of the most pitching friendly ballparks in baseball, AT&T Park. Just terrible.

Sanchez is just like Oliver Perez

Sanchez is just like Oliver Perez

He started off his career in the bullpen, and he stunk there. The Giants moved him into the starting rotation last year, and he has been equally as bad. He walks everyone, even the guys he doesn’t walk seem to have a 3-2 count, and watching him pitch is beyond frustrating. So what exactly do the Giants see in Sanchez?

Here is what the Giants see in Sanchez. They see a 26 year old, lefthanded pitcher, who throws a fastball in the 90’s, and has struck out 316 batters in 316.2 IP. Sanchez is a classic case of a team looking at the “what could be,” instead of the “what is.” Note to the San Francisco Giants – The New York Mets saw the same thing in Oliver Perez.

That is who Sanchez reminds me of, Oliver Perez. A guy who has all the tools, and who has struck out more than a batter per inning in his career (1,047 K’s in 1,021 IP). The worst part about these pitchers is that every pitching coach, every manager, and every team thinks they can fix them. And just like Perez, Sanchez can’t be fixed. He needs to be sent to the minors.

The Giants lost to the A’s last night 5-1, and Sanchez’s record fell to a disappointing 2-8. The Giants have a legit chance to make the playoffs this year. Right now, Jonathan Sanchez is not helping those chances.


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4 Responses to “The Jonathan Sanchez Experiment Needs To End In San Francisco…”

  1. TheCrippesKing Says:

    I am a huge fan of the Giants. And I have been watching a great deal of their games via MLB.TV. After last week’s start against the Angels I was ranting to other fans just as you have here. However, the fact that you make the claims after what I thought was a pretty decent start.

    He pitched out of jams in several innings, and if not for a slap hit down the line on a really good pitch, he might have got out of another. Frankly, he still throws too many pitches, but he’s got some of the best pitchers in the league to learn from. He’s our fifth starter, and we’re a young team. We might be in the playoff hunt this year, but I can’t say he’s what’s holding us back. Our offense is unreliable. One game on, one game off. Yes, he’s 2-8, but you should know that a record doesn’t always indicate how well a guy pitches. A fan of the Giants knows this all too well because of Cain the last 2 seasons, and even Zito this season.

    Yes, he’s in a pitcher’s park. And his numbers are better there than on the road. I don’t know, I have hope after last night’s game. You could be right, but I’m not willing to compare him to Perez just yet. I’m not sure other fans are either. Grant had a great piece about Sanchez on The McCovey Chronicles this week. We don’t really have any options right now that work much better.

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see how Bochy and Sabean will mismanage the situation.

    • Adam Bernacchio Says:

      I agree with you that last night was one of Sanchez’s better starts of the year. I guess I should have stated better that this article was written on his entire body of work, not just one start.

      And you are 100% correct, Sanchez might not be the reason for missing the playoffs – the offense will be. Man, is it terrible.

  2. The Crippes King Says:

    I felt I should come back and comment again when I remembered this post. I think the experiment needs to continue.

    • Adam Bernacchio Says:

      Haha. I look pretty silly now.

      This was the first thing I thought of when he pitched his no-hitter.

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