The Pirates’ Jack Wilson Doesn’t Need To Apologize To Anyone…

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been wheelin’ N dealin’ lately. Most recently, they traded clubhouse and fan favorite Nyjer Morgan along with Sean Burnett to the Washington Nationals for Lastings Milledge and Joel Hanrahan.

While most experts and myself thought the Pirates did well in this deal, all were not happy in the land of steel. Pirates’ shortstop and longest tenured Bucco, Jack Wilson was none to pleased with this trade.

“It’s tough for the guys who’ve been here and have seen these trades happen and absolutely do nothing,” Wilson said several hours after the deals were made. “I’ve seen these trades two or three times a year and we still haven’t had a winning season.”

Wilson is 100 percent right. He has been on the Pirates since 2001 and every year the Pirates have stunk. If you are him, why would you think these trades would be any different or yield better results than the horrible trades that the Pirates have made in the past?

Wilson signed a three-year extension with the Pirates in February of 2006 in hopes that things will turn around. He wanted to be a Pirate when the worm turned, sort of speak. I would think we all would agree there is no problem with that. A guy sticking with his team in hopes of the front office building a winner? Sounds good to me.

No need to apologize Jack

No need to apologize Jack

But things haven’t changed. The Pirates have been god awful for what seems like 30 years in a row. It’s really been 16 years of futility, but you get my point. Wilson wants to win, and just like any other organization – whether you work for a media company, a law firm, or a clothing store – you need your upper management to make smart, sound, and wise decisions in order to be successful. The Pirates have done anything but.

Wilson, being the “good soldier” issued an apology for his comments. 

“Some of my comments were pretty harsh,” he said. “I definitely don’t want to be the guy who is butting heads with the organization or trying to cause any type of negativity, so I apologize.

“When you are here in the moment and you’re talking to guys and everyone is bummed out, you maybe lose your head a little bit and vent. A lot of the things I said, I thought about … and they were pretty inaccurate,” he said.

Jack Wilson, if you are out there and by the grace of god reading this post – YOU DIDN’T NEED TO APOLOGIZE TO ANYONE. Why should you apologize for wanting to win? Why should you apologize for saying what is on your mind and for all intents and purposes, being right?

Nothing you said was inaccurate. When a team has 16 losing seasons in a row, and you have been involved in 9 of those seasons – you have the right to be critical of management. If a clothing store or any company for that matter was considered failing by their standards, they would be out of business.

You didn’t “want to cause any type of negativity?” Don’t worry, that negativity was already caused when the Pirates drafted Bryan Bullington, a projected No. 3 starter with the first pick in the 2002 draft.

Wilson has a club option with the Pirates for 2010 for $8.4MM. That option will 100 percent not be picked up, thus making him a free agent. Perhaps Wilson will go to a team where he doesn’t need to apologize for wanting to win.


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2 Responses to “The Pirates’ Jack Wilson Doesn’t Need To Apologize To Anyone…”

  1. pat fitzpatrick Says:

    Hurray for this great comment. And I say, thank you and Amen. Wilson had the courage in his frustration to put in words what we the people would say if we had the audience. M y family and most of those we have come in contact with are through trying to figure out just what this management is aiming for, since they have been building for 17 years and we still can’t keep track of the players names. I Am nearly 79 years old and for as long as I can remember I have been a Pirate fan. But especially the last few years it has been a welcome sight when spring training begins, and the familiar faces return. This year started out with a bang, much PR, players stating their reason for baseball and ending with “My name is….and I AM A PIRATE”. What hogwash! Our family watched the games together, but its too painful to endure. Everyone needs a hero, someone to watch and keep track of their record, and cheer them on. Oh for the good old days. I have a deep sad feeling of loss.

  2. Horace Steenblatter Says:

    Your points would be valid if the same incompetent management had run the Pirates throughout Wilson’s tenure, but it’s unfair for either you or Wilson to blame the current management for the atrocious decisions made during the Bonifay and Littlefield era.

    More importantly, Wilson’s part of the reason the Pirates have had so many losing seasons. For his career, according to Baseball Prospectus he’s only been worth about 1.6 wins above replacement level (replacement level is an extremely low level of performance easily reached by the typical AAA player). More importantly, he’s been paid a substantial portion of the Pirates payroll since 2005, and in those 4.5 seasons, at the age where most players have their peak performance, he’s only been worth about 2.4 wins above replacement level per season.

    As an example, Orlando Hudson’s been worth about 4 wins above replacement level during the same time period (and was even better in the two seasons before that) and was available this year for less than half of what Wilson makes, but the Pirates couldn’t sign him because they already had so much money tied up with Wilson’s poor production.

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