Baseball And FOX Embarrass Themselves On Saturday…

I still haven’t figured out which network that covers baseball I despise more. Do I hate the FOX telecast with their “we are bigger than the game” attitude and the extremely hard to listen to Joe Buck? Or do I hate the TBS broadcast? 9,000 Frank TV commercials during a game will drive anyone crazy and quite frankly, it’s amateur hour.

On Saturday the decision was made for me. After a long day at the beach and at the softball field, I came home and tuned into the New York Mets vs. the Philadelphia Phillies on FOX.

What FOX did in the middle of this game was a joke and they, along with major league baseball should be embarrassed.

In the middle of this game – a game that is between one of baseball’s best rivalries, FOX switched to the Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Diego Padres game to show Manny Ramirez’s first AB of the game. What a joke. Good work FOX, you have officially become my least favorite baseball telecast.

El Cheapo

El Cheapo

Ramirez quit on his team last and this year he was caught cheating. He cheated the fans, he cheated his teammates, and most importantly he cheated himself. Yet, FOX and baseball are glorifying him like he just came back from the war or he just came back from a career threatening injury.

I really couldn’t believe what I was watching. FOX portrayed him as this sympathetic figure.

What a poor guy. He had to sit out 50 games – tragic.

This is why the national media focuses so much on baseball and steroids. Instead of baseball burying Ramirez like they should have, FOX and baseball praise him. I understand Ramirez is a larger than life character, but give me a break. Even Tim McCarver, who was doing the Mets-Phillies broadcast said why are we showing this?

If baseball really wants to get rid of their steroid issue and really their image issue right now, they need to stop doing stuff like this. What this broadcast told me and told America is that it doesn’t matter if you cheat; If you take steroids baseball will do it’s best to make sure that you are still a star when you return from your suspension.

And I don’t want to hear that this was FOX’s broadcast, baseball had nothing to do with this. That is nonsense. FOX is representing baseball for those three to four hours. Baseball had everything to do with this. Baseball has yet again embarrassed themselves.

One last note on Manny Ramirez. When a star player goes down to the minors for whatever reason, it’s customary for that player for pay for a meal or two. Not Manny. Ramirez didn’t pick up NOT A SINGLE MEAL during his stops in Albuquerque and San Bernadino.

Not only is he a cheater, but he is cheap.

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3 Responses to “Baseball And FOX Embarrass Themselves On Saturday…”

  1. TheCrippesKing Says:

    I kinda agree, but I can’t say that it’s FOX. I mean, his first game back was the lead story on Sportscenter (probably the worst “sports” show on television), and also on the MLB network.

    Now, we can agree that baseball has done an awful job of really trying to get rid of steroids. They allow their own network to lead with Manny. They stand by as FOX and ESPN do the same thing.

    You know, I watch the MLB Network a lot. And I have to say it’s weird how much you hear about A-Rod and Manny. But I don’t know that I’ve heard one mention of Barry Bonds, not that he’s playing, but he is one of the greats of the game. It’s as if they’ve found a scapegoat for the entire era, and they live in a fantasy world where it’s completely over.

    Frankly, Selig is a punk and coward. He’s done more to ruin this game than anyone.

    • Adam Bernacchio Says:

      I 100% agree. It’s almost like baseball wants people to talk about steriods just to keep the game relevant. What is that saying? “There is no such thing has bad publicity.” I feel baseball is taking that stance with Manny, Arod, etc…

      I am also tired of Selig. He has done some good, but I can’t get over the bad he has done.

  2. Barry Bonds Baseball | Sports News and Information Says:

    […] Baseball And FOX Embarrass Themselves On Saturday… « The Ghost of … […]

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