Why Do Teams Need To Scout Roy Halladay?

Before I left to go to the annual H&M Summer Party last night at the Standard Hotel in NYC last night (yes, I do go out), I was watching the MLB Network. Of course they were talking about the topic of the last month – Roy Halladay. Jon Heyman mentioned that the Milwaukee Brewers were sending scouts to watch Roy Halladay pitch. This to me was high comedy.

Now let it be known that the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Colorado Rockies, and St Louis Cardinals have all sent scouts out to watch Roy Halladay pitch. My question is why? I understand that teams want to do their “due diligence,” but what exactly are these scouts going to tell them that they already don’t know?

Sending a scout to watch Roy Halladay pitch is like me sending a couple of buddies to check out Heidi Klum to see how she looked at her latest photo shoot. I don’t think my buddies are going to come back to me and say “You know she wasn’t really doing it for me this time.”

Unless Roy Halladay walks off the mound with an injury (which we would all see on ESPN or the MLB Network), or his arm falls off in the middle of an inning – here is the scouting report for Roy Halladay:

“The best pitcher in the game.”

Just think, someone was willing to fly me to Toronto just to write that.

Softball Update

As one season ends, another one begins. Saturday starts the fifth annual Ocean Beach Softball Tournament. Six teams, three weekends, and guaranteed at least one fight.

This year, The Ghost of Moonlight Graham will be donating $50 to the V Foundation for Cancer Research for every Home Run hit in the tournament.

Last year, there were about 20 HR’s hit in the tournament. With the increased number of teams (from four to six), we are hoping for more HR’s this year.


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2 Responses to “Why Do Teams Need To Scout Roy Halladay?”

  1. john Says:

    great analogy

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