Wrigley Field: After All These Years Still A Perfect 10…

Over the last couple of months we have reviewed a lot of new stadiums for our Stadium 411 category here on The Ghost of Moonlight Graham. Well, now it’s time to look at some of the old shrines of the game.

Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs is one of the great stadiums in the game today. It’s a must see for any baseball fan.

Today’s stadium critique is given by a man who is salavating over the thought of Matt Holliday and Albert Pujols in the same lineup, a man who once personally watched former WWE wrestler Dr. Tom Pritchard’s bags, and a man who once dominated the handball courts in Queens, NY…Tom Spirakis.

Wrigley Field Critique

Last September, a couple of friends and I flew out to Chicago to visit a friend and catch a game between my beloved Cardinals and their arch rival Cubs. Of course the game was played in the friendly confines of Wrigley Field.

Welcome to Wrigley Field

Welcome to Wrigley Field

It was an odd game to catch because the Cardinals were still hanging in the wild card race and the Cubs clinched the National League Central Division the day before and sent out a line up of September call ups.

The stadium lived up to its reputation. It was amazing to walk around before the game and just stare at the ivy covered outfield walls and the bleachers on the near by roof tops. Even wearing enemy colors (Pujols t-shirt) the Cub fans and Wrigley staff treated me with respect and showed great hospitality.

The stadium is awesome! It lives up to the cliché “Cathedrals of the Game”. There’s a feeling inside the stadium that’s different then other stadiums. As a baseball fan you need to see a game there.

The streets around Wrigley are a festival like atmosphere so whether its hours before the game or hours after the game the near by bars are packed with Cub fans. Seeing Hall of Fame Cub Billy Williams walking around the stadium seemed normal to everyone.


The Cards lost to minor leaguers that day. The fans hold up silly “W” signs and sing a terrible song after the Cubs win. Getting out of the stadium took a long time but its 100 years old and totally worth it.  
Overall game day experience:

Wrigley is a perfect 10.


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