White Sox Mark Buehrle Breaks Record (Update)…


Things sure do happen quickly in the game of baseball. After retiring the first two batters of the sixth inning, Buehrle walked Alexei Casilla on a 3-2 pitch – ending Buehrle’s streak of retiring 45 consecutive batters.

Despite the walk, Buehrle still had a no-hitter going, but gave up a single to the next batter Denard Span.

Retiring 45 consecutive batters as a starter is just an incredible accomplishment for Buehrle. This might be a record that will stand for awhile.

Original Post:

Apparently the Chicago White Sox Mark Buehrle was not happy with just throwing one perfect game. That is because through five innings tonight against the Minnesota Twins, Buehrle has another perfect game going.

Buehrle has now retired 43 straight batters which is a major league record. The previous record was 41 batters in a row set by two pitchers. Jim Barr retired 41 straight batters in 1972 and Buehrle’s teammate Bobby Jenks accomplished the feat in 2007.

More on this game as it progresses. Right now it is 1-0 White Sox heading into the sixth.


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