Major League Baseball Needs To Loosen Up…

There is a story out of Seattle today that I thought was very interesting. Recently, the members of the Seattle Mariners’ bullpen have been carrying gladiator helmets with them into the bullpen. The reason for this is to create unity and a “warrior-like” mentality amongst the bullpen.

Apparently major league baseball has a problem with this. Citing regulations regarding uniforms, baseball has banned the Mariners’ bullpen from carrying these helmets. I mean really? So you can walk to home plate with more armor on your body than a Stormtrooper in Star Wars, but you can’t carry a helmet?

David Aardsma is that you?

David Aardsma is that you?

I really don’t see what the big deal is here? It’s not like the bullpen coach says “On my command – unleash hell” and David Aardsma comes charging out of the bullpen with a helmet on and a sword in his hand. The helmets never go on their heads. They just carry them around with them.

Regardless of baseball’s stupid ruling, I like what the Mariners’ bullpen is doing. Anytime you can get five to six guys pulling for one another, it’s a good thing.

I hope baseball doesn’t turn into the NFL. That’s the “No Fun League.”



One Response to “Major League Baseball Needs To Loosen Up…”

  1. section331 Says:

    Hello! I found you via If you do not agree with the MLB’s decision on the helmets, we have started a petition:

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