White Sox Acquire Alex Rios From Blue Jays…

Teams receive gifts in baseball in a myriad of ways. They can receive a gift win courtesy of an error, or they can get a gift in the form of a player in a trade who was a throw in and that player turns out to be a solid contributor, or a team can get a gift by having a team take a massive contract off of their hands.

Well, all the praying Toronto Blue Jays’ GM JP Ricciardi must have done to the gods of taking bad contracts off a GM’s hands paid off. Today, the Chicago White Sox took Alex Rios and the six-years and $60 million left on his contract off the Toronto Blue Jays by claiming Rios off of waivers. This is a massive gift to the Blue Jay organization.

For the Blue Jays, this was like Easter Sunday. This isn’t as good as Christmas because for the Blue Jays, Christmas would be getting rid of Vernon Wells’ contract. Easter, you still get a gift (Easter basket, chocolate, etc..) and it’s still a pretty good day.

Rios is now the White Sox problem

Rios is now the White Sox problem

Rios is a classic underachiever in my opinion. He was never going to live up to expectations in Toronto. I wrote a couple of months ago the Blue Jays should trade him.

The Blue Jays now have roughly $10 million per year over the next six-years to play with . In today’s economy, you can do a lot with $10 million. If Ricciardi chooses not to spend money on free agents, he can use the new found money to try to resign Roy Halladay.

Why would the White Sox take this contract off the Blue Jays’ hands? I think there are a trio of reasons.

1. Without looking at where Rios is going to play, where he is going to bat, etc… Right off the bat I think the White Sox are hoping Rios will emerge with a change of scenery. This has classic change of scenery scenario written all over it.

Rios is still only 28 and has plenty of time to turn it around.

2. In the short term, Rios could play centerfield for the White Sox. Though Scott Podsednik has reemerged this year with a .297 avg and 17 SB’s, at the end of the day Rios should (let me reemphasize “should”) provide more offense in the White Sox lineup.

With adding the Rios contract and the Jake Peavy contract a couple of weeks ago, the White Sox have added over $100 million in payroll.

I thought we were in the middle of a recession?

3. In the long term, Rios might the White Sox starting rightfielder in 2010. Jermaine Dye and the White Sox have a mutual option for 2010. My guess is Dye and the White Sox part ways opening the door for Rios to start in rightfield for the White Sox.


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2 Responses to “White Sox Acquire Alex Rios From Blue Jays…”

  1. Eddie Says:

    You left out #4, the insatiable ego of Kenny Williams, and #5, the possibility Mr. Williams was also thinking Detroit might pick this guy up (that would requiring the assumption of and convincing yourself that someone else is dumber than you–since you’re going to take him yourself based on presumptive and, may I say, circular reasoning at its worst). Then there’s #6, related again to #4, and that is that Kenny just wanted to pull of a deal for sooooo long, and needed to, well, how do we put it—release some tension, having wound himself so tight—and Alex did it for him. Unfortunately, you’re right—this is clearly the gift of the season from one GM to another—because Mr. Rios is the classic example of giving someone too immature and lacking in dedication to his profession far too much money—and there is no incentive left for the guy whatsoever. All he has to do is show up at the ball park and collect his check, and occasionally actually catch a fly ball with his glove instead of the bill of his cap.

  2. Eddie Says:

    require, not requiring.

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