Drew Stubbs Arives In Cincinnati…

Thankfully the Cincinnati Reds placed OF Willy Taveras on the 15-Day DL. I know that’s harsh, but I know Reds’ fans and myself could no longer watch Dusty Baker play him on a regular basis for reasons only known to Baker.

Then again this is not surprising considering Baker thought Corey Patterson was the Reds’ answer in centerfield at one point.

Stubbs is the future CF'er for the Reds

Stubbs is the future CF'er for the Reds

Hopefully Reds’ fans no longer have to worry about the Taveras’s and Patterson’s of the world patrolling centerfield because top prospect Drew Stubbs has arrived in Cincinnati.

First, Stubbs has no relation to legendary Los Angeles Dodgers’ OF of the 1980’s Franklin Stubbs for obvious reasons. If you watch a Reds’ game from now until September, you will what I am talking about.

Second, Dusty Baker has already said Stubbs will play on a regular basis from here on out. Stubbs is the future starting centerfielder for the Reds and has some serious speed to burn. Stubbs is lightning quick and should be at the top of the Reds’ lineup for years to come.

With Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, and now Drew Stubbs the Reds have a nice core to build on for the future.

Here are some other facts about Drew Stubbs…

Age: 24

College: University of Texas

Drafted: Eighth pick of the first round of the 2006 Draft

Minor League Stats

2006 Rookie: .252 with six home runs, 24 RBI, 19 SB’s, and a .368 OBP in 56 games

2007 Single A: .270 with 12 home runs, 43 RBI, 23 SB’s, and a .364 OBP in 129 games

2008 Single A+, Double A, & Triple A: .277 with seven home runs, 57 RBI, 33 SB’s, and a .371 OBP in 131 games

2009 Triple A: .268 with three home runs, 39 RBI, 46 RBI, and a .353 OBP in 107 games

Keith Law Ranking and Analysis

Ranking: No. 89 out of 100 best prospects in baseball

Analysis: “Stubbs has been a different player since the middle of 2007, when he started squaring the ball up more consistently and showing the raw power that has always been in his bat but was barely evident when he was an amateur.

He will always strike out often because his swing is long and he expands the zone significantly when he gets behind in the count. Stubbs’ athleticism shines through on the bases and on defense; he’s a 70 runner and a 70 fielder in center with an above-average arm.

If everything clicks, he could be Mike Cameron with even more speed, although there’s a more probable scenario where he hits less than Cameron but still provides baserunning value and plus defense.”


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  1. joe Says:

    Great book out called “Chasing Moonlight” true stories of Doc Grahm.

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