The Boston Red Sox Are Pursuing The Wrong Guy…

After watching Brad Penny’s disgusting performance last night where he was probably thinking more of the good ole days with Eliza Dushku than he was thinking about getting New York Yankee batters out, I think I speak for everyone in Red Sox Nation in saying I never want to see Penny start another game for the Red Sox again.

The Red Sox have a serious starting pitching problem right now. What many considered a strength at the beginning of the year, is now a major weakness.

Tim Wakefield has the never ending calf injury, Daisuke Matsuzaka was more concerned with pitching for Team Japan in the WBC than the Red Sox and now his shoulder looks worse than one of those Ed Hardy shirts, and John Smoltz has already been sent on his merry way.

Outside of Jon Lester and Cy Young candidate Josh Beckett, the Red Sox have a hodge-podge at the back-end of their rotation.

Despite all this, the Red Sox decided to pursue relief help yesterday. The Red Sox made a claim for New York Mets LHP Billy Wagner. The Red Sox and Mets have until Tuesday at 1 pm to work out a trade for the former closer.

I find this pursuit very odd. What is more important right now? Having another lefty in the pen to compliment Hideki Okajima or getting another starting pitcher to relieve Penny of his softball pitching duties?

Hmmm, I wonder?

The guy the Red Sox should be pursuing is Jon Garland of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Garland has already cleared waivers, he probably the best pitcher available on the market, and I am going to venture to say he would be more effective than Penny.

The Red Sox could use Garland right now

The Red Sox could use Garland right now

Say what you want about Garland – he doesn’t strike guys out, he gives up a lot of hits, he always has a high era, etc… The bottom line is – the guy knows how to win baseball games and knows how to win in the American League.

From 2005-2008 with the Chicago White Sox and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Garland was 60-38 with a 4.27 ERA. The Red Sox could use someone with those stats right about now.

At the end of the day, the Red Sox will most likely land Wagner. However, they should be pursuing Garland.

The Red Sox need starting pitching and they need it right now.


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5 Responses to “The Boston Red Sox Are Pursuing The Wrong Guy…”

  1. Adam Bernacchio Says:

    We are so proud of you…Your thoughts are well executed…
    With love
    Mom and Dad

  2. beantowne Says:

    What you fail to understand is that in placing a claim on him they kept him from the Yankees and adding him to our pen would give us a second lefty and another late innings option…As for starting pitching…I agree that Penny has worn out his welcome…that said with both Wake and Matsuska are on thier way back so adding another arm now. One that is not an upgrade over either of them makes little sense…

    • Adam Bernacchio Says:

      I like your optimism, but right now I don’t think the Sox can rely on Wakefield or Dice-K from now until the end of the year. While Dice-K’s rehab is going well, who knows what he is going to give the Sox in a major league game.

      I don’t think at this point the Red Sox can rely on him coming back 100% and pitching like he did last year. Garland would be nice insurance. He is better than Paul Byrd that is for sure

  3. Mark Says:


    3-9 last 12 decisions – no. Not the answer.

    What is interesting is Smoltz showing up for St. Louis…

    • Adam Bernacchio Says:

      Thanks for the read and comment Mark,

      I don’t put much stock in Garland’s record because he plays on a terrible team. I think if he was on a contender his record would be a lot different.

      Smoltz pitched well yesterday. It’s amazing what pitching in the NL can do for a guy’s career

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