Los Angeles Dodgers Stock Up For Stretch Run: Acquire Jim Thome And Jon Garland

Late on Monday night and on the last day players can be traded and be eligible for the postseason, the Los Angeles Dodgers bolstered their starting rotation and bench by acquiring DH Jim Thome from the Chicago White Sox and RHP Jon Garland from the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Bye bye Chicago, hello LA

Bye bye Chicago, hello LA

One move I love and one move I really can’t figure out.

Let’s start with the move I love. I am probably more of a fan of Garland’s than most people, but this is a very solid move by the Dodgers. I begged the New York Mets to sign Garland instead of Oliver Perez and just last week, I thought the Boston Red Sox should trade for Garland.

Garland, along with Chad Billingsley, Clayton Kershaw, and Randy Wolf gives the Dodgers a very winnable four-man rotation in the playoffs.

How happy do you think Garland is this morning? Going from one of the worst teams in baseball in the Arizona Diamondbacks to one of the best. He’s as happy as an 18-year-old freshman at Nebraska around Erin Andrews on College Gameday. Just giddy.

The best part of this deal for the Dodgers, is that the Diamondbacks will pick up the rest of Garland’s salary for this year, as well as the buyout for his 2010 option. How fast do you think Ned Colletti agreed to this deal?

The Diamondbacks will get the ever-so-popular Player to be Named Later. Rumor has it, it might be 24-year-old Tony Abreu, but that is not confirmed.

Now to the move that is a little puzzling to me. The Dodgers also acquired Jim Thome from the White Sox for 26-year-old minor league infielder Justin Fuller.

Look, I get what the Dodgers are thinking here. They want a big bopper off the bench to hit late in the game and a possible DH if they make it to the World Series. They want a guy to do to other teams what Matt Stairs did to them in the NLCS last year.

That’s fine.

However, Thome is a DH and nothing else. Despite being the third best opposite field power hitter I have seen (Manny Ramirez and Mike Piazza being one and two), at this point in his career, he can’t field and he can’t run.

If Thome were playing softball, he would be one of those guys that would ask for a courtesy runner.

To give Thome maybe one AB a game and make him strictly a pinch hitter is such a waste of a player. If you are going to turn a guy into a one-dimensional player, he better be really good at what he does. In the last two years, Thome is just 1-for-19 as a pinch hitter.

How ever you feel about these two moves, there is one thing you can’t argue. GM Ned Colletti has done everything he can to try to improve the Dodgers over the last couple of months.

Now we will have to wait and see if all these moves payoff in the playoffs.


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